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Friday, 30 September 2016 10:58

A Craving Myth

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One thing that I still hear all the time is that,  "Cravings must be a way of telling you your body needs something." This simply isn’t true most of the time.

Cravings are a multifaceted issue and many times stimulated by numerous other factors. Situations that stimulate cravings are usually: when you see or smell foods, when you experience real blood sugar disturbances, when you endure emotional experiences or even when you have hormonal fluctuations, or even when you don't get enough sleep. So the next time you have a craving stop and think about where it's actually coming from rather than just succumbing to food. Here are some questions you might ask yourself:

• Did I just recently see some food somewhere?
• Did I just smell food?
• Are people eating around me?
• Did I eat the right balance of food today? (if it was mostly carbohydrates, especially refined ones, then your food may not be  balanced.)
• Did I eat enough food at each meal today?
• Did something happen to upset me today? Am I stressed? Am I emotionally upset for some reason?
• Am I overly tired today? Did I get enough good sleep last night?
• Am I near my monthly cycle? (women)

For a much more in-depth review of the above topics read, "Got Cravings?" and you'll understand these questions even better. Your clinic should also have a special handout on these kinds of cravings and what you can do about them.  CMWM clinics also carry chromium to help with physiological cravings along with exactly how to take it properly for best results.

Remember a craving just seems like you are hungry when you may not be. If you distract yourself it will go away.  True hunger is a physiological need of the body. Your stomach will growl, you may get grumpy and even get a headache. It will not go away with distraction.

Later this week I'll share a simple technique to stop cravings in their track!

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