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Thursday, 19 July 2018 14:20

Surprising Medicine to Fight Obesity

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I'm sure most people have heard that hot chili peppers and even hot spicy food can stimulate your metabolism to burn a few more calories a day. Now medicine has taken this a step further, taking a natural vegetable and developing a real medicine from the hot pepper’s active compound, capsaicin.
This new drug is considered a brand new type of medication named Metobocin, currently undergoing testing with mice. The drug is designed to slowly release capsaicin throughout the day so it can derive its anti-obesity effect without adverse side effects. After an 8 month period, the results were long term weight loss and improved metabolic health benefits. According to lead researcher, Dr. Baskaran Thyagarajan, "We observed marked improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol levels, insulin response, and symptoms of fatty liver disease."   
"It proved safe and was well tolerated by the mice,..." Thyagarajan concluded. "Developing Metabocin as a potent anti-obesity treatment shows promise as part of a robust strategy for helping people struggling with obesity."
You might just get the idea just to eat more spicy foods, hot chili peppers in particular, but that would not work in the same way because capsaicin is just not absorbed that well and the results would not be the same. The capsaicin in medicine form is modified in a different way so it is better absorbed and is sustained release. There are supplements already on the market made from capsaicin, but it's hard to know if they have had any unbiased clinical trials, testing for effectiveness and safety.
Lastly, dieters still have to do the work by following a healthy diet plan and perform moderate regular exercise of course, but at least for those who truly might have that sluggish metabolism, this just might provide that extra boost to burn calories more effectively. More will be revealed as further testing goes on. In the meantime,  continue to work on losing your weight. The time will pass anyway so you might as well continue to lose weight even if it is slower than you might like.
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