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Monday, 07 April 2014 14:44

Are We Winning the War Against Childhood Obesity?

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Last month the Centers for Disease Control released a report showing improvement in the war on obesity among preschoolers. The CDC claimed obesity in kids ages 2-5 dropped from 14% to just over 8% in 2011-2012, a drop of 43%. According to Tom Frieden, CDC director, "This confirms that at least for kids, we can turn the tide and begin to reverse the obesity epidemic."

But are we really winning the war against childhood obesity? USA Today published a study from the Journal of American Medicine claiming the earlier study "did not stand up" to extra scrutiny. According to the new study, previous rates of childhood obesity were 10%-11%, making the decline less significant.

To make matters worse, rates among extremely obese children actually increased by 1%-2%. This is the most at-risk group. According to Prof. Tom Robinson of Stanford University, "these children are on track to become the sickest adults." We still have much work to do in the war on childhood obesity.

See follow-up article on USA Today.

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