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Mohsen Afrasiabi

Mohsen Afrasiabi

In a recent blog (11 Tips to Breaking Bad Eating Habits) we discussed the weight loss advantages of drinking water before a meal.

Tuesday, 07 July 2015 22:44

Diet or Exercise Revisited

There seems to be a never-ending controversy over which is better for weight loss, dieting or exercise? Some of the confusion comes from a lack of understanding about what diet and exercise do for our bodies.

Monday, 06 July 2015 12:26

Oprah and Dr. Oz Part Ways

In the latest twist to the ongoing Dr. Oz controversy, Oprah Winfrey has "pulled the plug" on Dr. Oz's radio show. Winfrey's Harpo Productions announced that "The Daily Dose With Dr. Oz" will be replaced with "A Better Life With Dr. Sanjay Gupta."

Thursday, 18 June 2015 13:24

11 Tips To Breaking Bad Eating Habits

We are creatures of habit. When we repeat mistakes, they get reinforced, becoming bad habits. Breaking bad eating habits isn't easy. By observing your eating habits and establishing reasonable goals, you can turn your unhealthy diet around. Remember that change doesn't happen overnight. Here are 11 tips to help you break bad eating habits.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015 14:26

Huckabee And The Cinnamon Roll

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is facing criticism over his endorsement of a cinnamon and chromium picolinate food supplement currently marketed as a cure for diabetes. Although former Gov. Huckabee discontinued his endorsement, the New York Times notes that Huckabee's past questionable financial ventures include "patriot survival packs" and a cure for cancer hidden in the Bible.

'Want to help prevent your kids from becoming overweight or obese? Then turn the TV off.

Sunday, 01 March 2015 12:02

What Are The Risks Of Childhood Obesity?

Obesity means having too much body fat. Obesity increases the risk of health problems. Rates of childhood overweight and obesity have tripled since the 1980s. Our children face an unprecedented risk.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 13:10

What Is A Calorie?

What is a calorie, and why is it important to weight loss? How many calories should you eat? Are diet and exercise enough to lose weight? Here is some basic information about calories and their role in weight management.

Are exercise and diet enough? Now that obesity has been recognized as a disease by the AMA, the medical community is adding its opinion to the mix.

Thursday, 12 February 2015 08:12

Largest Study Links Genetics To Obesity

A new study from the University of Michigan finds more evidence of links between genetics and obesity. In the largest study of its kind, genetic samples from over 300,000 people were analyzed. Scientists found 140 genes that were associated with obesity, including how and where fat is stored in the body.

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