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Elaine Murphy

Elaine Murphy

Friday, 08 June 2018 18:57

Father's Day 2018

This coming Sunday is Father's Day. Over the last few years I've written numerous blogs on Father's Day,
Consuming a well balanced diet is the best thing you can do for health, but including enough fresh fruit and vegetables in your daily diet are the very best foods you can consume to
The other day I discussed how cognitive behavior therapy is now becoming more recognized as a way to deal with stress eating. Here's how you can actually learn it on your own, if you are willing to work at it. 
Have you ever even heard of cognitive behavior therapy? Are you a stress eater or an emotional eater? Did you know many of our handouts at CMWM are based on this whole concept of CBT? Have you read any of them?
Thursday, 31 May 2018 18:36

National Cancer Survivors Day 2018

Once a person just hears the word cancer, it evokes the feelings of a quick death sentence. Cancer can make you feel like you're all alone living in total fear. The good news is that many people do survive cancer. 
We all know obesity is at a world wide high, and the focus is specifically on the risk factors common to weight gain. Belly fat is always being the biggest hot topic, especially when it comes to being a risk factor. More and more attention in particular, is given to postmenopausal women these days because many women never even had this concern before this time in life. I refer to this as the "men-o-pot." 
Monday, 21 May 2018 13:12

A Memorial Day 2018 Tribute

Beyond just a three day holiday weekend to celebrate the beginning of summer, consider honoring, even for just a few minutes, those who have served:
A Memorial Day Tribute 
Unselfishly, you left your fathers and your mothers,
You left behind your sisters and your brothers.
Leaving your beloved children and wives,
You put on hold, your dreams-your lives. 
On foreign soil, you found yourself planted
To fight for those whose freedom you granted.
Without your sacrifice, their cause would be lost
But you carried onward, no matter the cost. 
Many horrors you had endured and seen.
Many faces had haunted your dreams.
You cheered as your enemies littered the ground;
You cried as your brothers fell all around. 
When it was over, you all came back home,
Some were left with memories to face all alone;
Some found themselves in the company of friends
As their crosses cast shadows across the land. 
Those who survived were forever scarred
Emotionally, physically, permanently marred.
Those who did not now sleep eternally
'Neath the ground they had given their lives to keep free. 
With a hand upon my heart, I feel The pride and respect; my reverence is revealed
In the tears that now stream down my upturned face
As our flag waves above you, in her glory and grace.
Freedom was the gift that you unselfishly gave
Pain and death was the price that you ultimately paid.
Every day, I give my utmost admiration
To those who had fought to defend our nation.
-Author Unknown -
 And after honoring those special soldiers for a few thoughtful moments in your day, enjoy your picnic with simple planning ahead  of time. After all, when you think about it holiday eating challenges, it 's not that big of a deal, it requires, "No special tricks, gimmicks, special pills, special potions, special equipment. All it takes is desire and will." - Richard Simmons.  Think of the desire and will our veterans had to have to serve and preserve our freedom.
Tuesday, 15 May 2018 15:38

Microplastic Hazards

We all seem to rely on general everyday plastic in our world but did you know it's literally becoming much more of a huge threat regarding our environment, AND overall health than we ever thought before?
Tuesday, 15 May 2018 13:19

What's in a Healthier Protein Bar?

At CMWM we want you to have adequate amount of protein so you lose weight more efficiently, so you don't become hungry, and so you retain lean muscle mass. So what should a high quality protein bar have in it when the need arises? Here's what to look for:
Tuesday, 15 May 2018 12:16

Control Your Cravings - Solutions

The other day I discussed a few foods that have a real potential to induce cravings. Today I want to offer some solutions for literally any kind of craving that can occur.
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