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Friday, 24 April 2015 12:05

Breakfast for Weight Loss

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We are constantly nagging our patients to always eat breakfast. There are literally years of documented and validated research highlighting all the great benefits of consuming a healthy breakfast, so we stand by this premise, regardless of any new study saying otherwise. Eating breakfast benefits weight loss and prevents cravings later in the day, and it helps you achieve better health along the way. Any good diet plan suggests you have breakfast every morning.

To clarify, we mean eat more than just a piece of fruit for breakfast. A piece of fruit will not be enough to control blood sugar and keep cravings away the rest of the day. Breakfast should ideally be about the same size of lunch or dinner! Have some healthy carbs (half a piece of fruit), some lean protein (a CMWM whey protein shake), and even some nuts or seeds for some healthy fat. Later on in Step 3 you can even add more in.

Remember breakfast should occur within a good hour of waking up, not at 11 AM! If you wait too long your metabolism can just simply slow down on you, not something you need especially while dieting. Don't you want to be burning more calories, not less?

If you are one of those who has always struggled with trying to eat breakfast then take baby steps. Start with a small amount of some protein like a Weight Watcher Cheese stick or a Babybel (light) round of cheese. After a few days add a half a piece of fruit to that amount. Then build on your protein even more. Then add a bit more in until you have at the very least, 200 calories while you are dieting. For maintenance and Step 3, you want at least 400-500 calories. Ask for the CALMWM handout on Breakfast (this includes breakfast ideas for eating on the run too!) and the Protein on the Go for ideas to make breakfast a part of your everyday healthy lifestyle.

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