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Monday, 14 January 2019 15:28

Changing your Mind Can Change your Weight!

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The other day I blogged about how belief in yourself is the real key to success. Today I'll show you how to change any negative belief you may be holding onto by
using simple affirmations.
Affirmations have the capacity to change unwanted beliefs and behaviors about yourself. To work effectively they need to be repeated often enough so they can create this shift in your current reality. The challenge with affirmations is that they are frequently not worded correctly and/or not used long enough to promote the needed change. 
When an affirmation is used for weight management it must match both the desire and emotion. It must resonate in a positive way. If a statement feels like a "lie" in any way, modify it so it feels good. This is important. If there is any negative feeling while stating it, it needs to be changed. Essentially the statement is fighting with your subconscious mind, which isn't bad, but it won't work as effectively. Work at creating a feeling of real belief, an experience that it can be true. Suspend doubts and put your full mental and emotional energy into it.  
Repeat a few affirmations whenever you can. Develop a strong visualization to go with it. They can be especially powerful when you know you are going to be in a circumstance which will be testing you. Rotate different affirmations around so they feel new. Write them out on index cards or utilize them in your computer or phone App in some way. Read, repeat or write them out regularly, particularly at night (your subconscious accepts them more readily before sleep). 
Again, affirmations should always be stated in a positive way and in the present context (not the future). Consider rewording a statement saying, "I am in the process of……." if that feels more truthful to you. Always focus on what you DO want, (positive) not on what you DON’T WANT (negative). Find a few appropriate affirmations below or make your positive statements and repeat them over until they become your reality. And don't forget to acknowledge them when they become your truth!
Here are some affirmations, use some of these or create your own:
• I choose to exercise and find the activity I enjoy the most.
• I am committed to losing my weight and keeping it off regardless of any challenge.
• I have the moral integrity to honor my weight loss commitment to myself.
• I acknowledge any challenge as a positive learning experience.
• I do everything I need to do to achieve a healthy weight loss, even if it's difficult. 
• I focus on developing healthy habits that will last a lifetime!
• I keep my weekly appointments for support and accountability with my weight loss. I easily ask for help when I need it.
• I allow people to help me and support me with my weight loss efforts.
• I am open to both listening and implementing suggestions that help me.
• I achieve my weight loss goals.
• I keep my food diary so I am honest with myself and learn self-accountability with my food intake.
• I am aware of my eating and lifestyle habits and how they affect my health and weight.
• My weight loss plan is the foundation of my maintenance eating plan. Maintaining my weight is developed from my healthy core habits that are established during weight loss.
• I keep my monthly maintenance appointments for at least a year no matter what. This is one other real solution to keeping my weight off permanently. This time I am keeping my weight off for good!
• I forgive myself immediately when I make a mistake around my food intake.
• I learn from my mistakes and make any needed changes. 
• I take the needed time to learn my weight loss plan by reviewing my reading materials. I count my protein calories, and eat according to my weight loss plan. I include the correct snacks with my weight loss plan.
• I learn portions by weighing and measuring my food. I do this occasionally so I know I am eating the right amount of food. I make it fun to do it.
• I plan my menus and shop weekly so I continue to make good choices to lose and maintain my weight.
• I keep healthy foods in both my home and work environments.
• I  enjoy eating healthier foods.
• I  moderate my eating while dining out.
• I  graciously and confidently decline offers when people push food on me.
• I am learning portion control, even in social situations.
• I am learning to enjoy drinking generous amounts of water.
• Water helps me to lose weight in numerous ways.
• Water improves my overall health because it detoxifies, cleanses and nourishes my body in ways I’m not even aware of.
• I choose to drink water instead of sodas and alcohol.
• I am encouraged by every single success no matter how small.
• I reward myself for every success around changing unhealthy eating and lifestyle behavior (without food). I proudly acknowledge my accomplishments.
• I accept that I need to change unhealthy habits in order to lose and maintain my weight. I choose to change these unhealthy habits.
• I am totally committed to changing unwanted eating and lifestyle habits that hinder my progress.
• I respect and treat my body by eating healthier foods, eating moderately and exercising  regularly. I feel all the great benefits from doing these things.
• Eating healthier is becoming easier for me.
• I choose to stay on my healthy eating plan because I want to.
• I think before I eat.
• I eat mindfully.
By using affirmations regularly you literally can change your mind and change your weight! All it takes is a little time and effort on your part.
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