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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 13:05

Christine Maxwell's Success Story with CMWM

Written by  Christine Maxwell

I know I'm not the only mom who was wearing maternity clothing even though their last baby was in preschool.... I wasn't ready to loose the weight emotionally, although I dreamed about it every day - freedom to play with my kids in the pool, ease of playing a game or picnicking on the ground, energy to participate in everyday activities with active children, and just to toss on clothes easily and go. I would start a "diet" and give it a 100% in the beginning, but it would grow old and mundane and I would succumb to eating what the kids ate just because I was too tired to do anything else. I stopped trying after a while. Why even try when my success would be brief and ultimately I would weigh even more than when I started when I couldn't maintain the rigors of the current diet. It was some ugly thinking and I needed change on many levels.

Through education, prayer and counseling, I made mindful changes needed in my life for success on many levels. I became concerned about what went into my body more than ever. I had used homeopathy all my life and took it a step further, using food as medicine and only eating that which would keep me healthy.

But sadly, I was still obese. My body didn't emulate my healthy lifestyle choices and with the weight still on me, I didn't have enough energy for my daily chores and keeping up with young active children, yet alone exercise. I was thrilled when Dr. Lester told me he was thinking about starting a weight loss clinic. He has been our family doctor. He is our confidante, homeopath, pediatrician and more. I firmly made the decision that if he started the program, it would be my last 'diet'. If I was ever to be the size I remembered, it was now or never.

I lost 10 lbs the first week. I no longer cooked for the family and thought of my self last, I cooked for me and they ate what I made. I don't have headaches, my back doesn't hurt, my family is healthier, I play in the pool with my girls and picnic on the lawn, and the program was easy and stress free. I started days before Valentines Day and by the week of the 4th of July I had lost over 60 lbs.

Currently I am wearing my jeans from college but before I am done I will fit in that 1988 pair of jeans I wore in high school. :)

Life is good. Change is good.


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