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Sunday, 03 June 2018 16:01

Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Stress Eating

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Have you ever even heard of cognitive behavior therapy? Are you a stress eater or an emotional eater? Did you know many of our handouts at CMWM are based on this whole concept of CBT? Have you read any of them?
Most people usually focus on their diet plan and exercise to lose weight. While these are important parts of losing weight they certainly do not address the emotional components of stress eating. The good news is that more obesity medicine specialists and other health care providers are encouraging their patients to look at their mental attitude toward dieting, especially those who are long term binge eaters and emotional eaters. Currently the American Diabetes Association and the American Psychological Association recently partnered to build the ADA-APA Mental Health Provider Diabetes Education Program to teach mental health professionals how to best care for patients with diabetes.
As many of us lifetime dieters know, stress eating and emotional eating can not be overcome easily. Most resort to going another diet instead of learning real coping skills to address this kind of eating. - Enter cognitive behavior therapy. While it may sound rather intimidating it's actually a quite simple technique that most people can actually learn alone, or with the help of a qualified therapist who specializes in this form of behavioral change.
Read this article for more information regarding this. And, know that many of the handouts we utilize at CMWM use this kind of skill to make behavioral change, you just have to be willing to not merely read these handouts, but really use the concepts within them when emotional eating is triggering you. Some of the basic handouts are: More than Positive Thinking, Who's Really in Charge, and Distorted Thinking. There is also the Feelings List which can be also help you figure out aspects to your general thinking. There are numerous others, but these are some basics when it comes to cognitive behavior and your thinking. (Or just contact me and I can help you find the handout you might need; 
I really encourage you to embrace these handouts as tools to overcome stress eating, and use them, so you can conquer any unhealthy eating behavior related to emotional eating once and for all, and keep your weight off permanently!
"Eat to fuel your body. NOT FEED your emotions." -The DO IT Program.
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