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Wednesday, 27 May 2015 11:20

Correct Way To Measure Heart Rate During Exercise

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Are you Really Using the CORRECT Way to Measure Your Heart Rate While Exercising?

You may be surprised.

You want to get the most benefit from your exercise by doing an activity that will raise your heart rate adequately. The old tried and true method of assessing fitness levels is to monitor your pulse rate by utilizing a specific formula.  It has been the standard since the 1960’s. It’s even used in fitness monitoring gadgets and exercise machines. Basically you determine your maximum heart rate for exercise by subtracting your age from 220, then assessing your higher and lower target heart rate range from that number. But is it really correct for everyone?

Hirofumi Tanaka, PhD published a more accurate version of heart monitoring accounting for age more accurately. It was published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology in 2001. Yet, few people are using the new formula. It’s called the age predicted maximal heart rate and is more accurate for those over 40.

The Newer Formula: Age - Predicted Maximal Heart Range

Multiply your age by 0.7 and subtract that figure from 208.
Multiply age by .7 = ____
208 - _____ = ____

Example, maximum heart rate calculation for a 42 year-old using age predicted formula:
42 (age) x .7 = 29.4
208 – 29.4 = 178.6 Maximum heart rate

So then an upper and lower target heart rate for a person who is 42 would be calculated:

Example: Maximum heart rate x .85 = ___ - upper limit
178.6 (maximum, calculated from above) x .85 = 151.8 –upper limit

Example: Maximum heart rate x .70 = ___ - lower limit
178.6 (maximum, calculated from above) x .70 = 125 – lower limit

The idea here would be to work out no higher (upper limit) than 151.8 beats a minute and no lower (lower limit) than 125 beats a minute.

If you are over 40, when was the last time you calculated your heart rate? What formula did you use? Are you working out too hard or not enough, to get the best possible calorie burn and fitness level?

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