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Friday, 26 August 2016 10:11

Counting Calories and What You Need to Know

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At CMWM we tell you to count your calories, but there are still things you need to know when it comes to that math lesson!

For example did you know that most products (by law) are allowed a 20% variance on the accuracy of the calories that are printed on a label? Somehow that just seems wrong to me. But it's also another good reason not to eat too many packaged foods. The more you eat them, the bigger the mistakes in calorie counting! (And don't forget that the quality of your food is downgraded when you consume processed foods in general.) So eating clean foods should be a must when it comes to losing weight as well as being healthy.

 In last month's patient's magazine I also related research on how not all calories are created equal especially relating to ordinary fat and trans fats. I absolutely love what Cynthia Hass says from from Health magazine,  "Saying all calories are created equal is similar to saying a diamond cubic zirconia is the same as a sparkling diamond." An example of this might be when it was found that people who eat more more fruits and vegetables in the diet, usually will maintain lower BMIs, have  lower hip to waist measurements, and  have lower body-fat percentages than those who do not get these nutrients from a healthy fresh food diet. If any of you saw the old movie documentary, Super Size Me, realized how quickly a person's  health deteriates when consuming low quality food on a regular basis even if you don't become obese.

Your body needs core nutrition coming from quality carbohydrates (whole unrefined carbohydrates, especially in the form of vegetables-yes veggies are carbohydrates!), lean protein, and healthy fats that we suggest on the CMWM diet plan.  Each nutrient literally does something different in the body. So not only does the body need specific nutrients, it needs them in the correct balance. Because of an imbalance in food a person can gain weight, loss muscle mass, lose their hair, develop dry, dull hair and skin, develop hormonal imbalances, have a weak immune system and have unhealthy lab work results with high glucose readings and bad cholesterial readings. The bottom line is that too much or too little of all three calorie types can give you the wrong results especially when you are losing weight.

Does it make sense to lose weight at the cost of developing any of these conditions? So are you being careful with your calories? Make sure you follow Step 2 later when adding in your calories again, so you get the correct healthy calories, not just any calories.

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