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Thursday, 14 June 2018 13:52

Deal With Stress

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We all have stress in our lives. Even though most of us know what kind of things to do for it, we rarely will take the small amount of needed time to deal with it.
Don't allow stress to rule your life and ruin your health, or your diet, especially if you are an emotional eater and eat in response to it. Sometimes it takes some real prioritizing in your life, and once that is in place then it will only take just a few moments a day to de-stress.
So make a real game plan for yourself, get your calendar or smart phone out, and take control here and now. Make a real power plan for it just like a doctor’s plan. Utilize some simple stress reduction techniques to establish a more relaxed mental and physical state on a regular basis, instead of allowing it to overwhelm you later. 
Here's how in three simple steps:
  1. Plan your choice of simple relaxation activitites directly into your daily schedule. Ideally it should be an hour, but many can barely handle even a half hour. But do write it in just like a regular appointment you absolutely must keep, no matter how long! This defuses stress on a regular basis so it does not build up.
  2. Review the sources of your personal stressors. What are the situations and the people causing you stress? Figure out a way to peacefully deal with the stress you are faced with. Treat it like something you have to solve and figure out. If you do not address the stress directly it only gets worse. In some cases you may simply have to learn real acceptance of things. Let go! (We have a special handout on that very thing if you always struggle with letting things go, so feel free to ask for it at your clinic. Not letting go can cause you even more stress.) 
  3. De-clutter your schedule. Many people are stressed because they feel overcommitted with so much to deal with in their lives. They don't have enough time to pursue their real interests and/or spend time with their loved ones. Review what you do not have to do, or even the things you really dislike doing. See if you can eliminate some of the unneeded activities going on. Don't be afraid to learn to be assertive and say no to things that are simply not that important. Allow yourself to be OK with things that give you no pleasure.

We have numerous handouts to help you with stress and emotional eating. Simply ask for them at your clinic. In order to keep your weight off after you lose it you must conquer this manner of eating or you will simply gain your weight back!

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