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Monday, 23 March 2015 11:31

Developing Willpower – Part 2

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The other day I started elaborating on the topic of willpower. Here's more today:

  • One habit that undermines willpower is stress eating. This haunts many a repeat dieter. If stress eating is your challenge get help with it. Our clinic has a whole series of educational materials on this topic, read the information and implement it regularly. Just knowing what to do and following through with it are two different things! There is also Overeaters Anonymous and therapy. No diet "fixes" emotional eating if you've just been on too many diets only to keep repeating the same cycle over and over and over.
  • While in the process of developing willpower be aware you will be uncomfortable! While it's pretty normal to want to avoid being uncomfortable, accept the fact it's part of the process of learning to have willpower, and you really can overcome it. Did you know you can actually stand a lot more discomfort than you might think? It requires practice like anything else. Allow yourself to be bored, frustrated, and even stressed for a few minutes. Learn to increase your tolerance of uncomfortable feelings. It's better to learn being uncomfortable with some icky feelings than it is being overweight your whole life!
  • Learn to focus! When temptation strikes the urge to give in wants to take over. Learn the power of focus. Be mindful of what your long-term goals are and just how important they really are to you. Every day make a promise to yourself to spend just a few minutes thinking about how your weight loss efforts will reward you. Before a tempting situation, do the same. The more you can visualize your goals the better you can focus on them when the need for willpower comes along!
  • Learn from past mistakes and learn to recover quickly from them. There will always be mistakes, you are human after all. But making those mistakes is how you can really learn willpower. What's important is to see exactly why you made your mistakes, admit them, then lovingly forgive yourself and move on with a deeper commitment and a specific action plan for the next time. And if you keep making the same mistakes over and over you have not developed a good strategy, it's time for something else.
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