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Monday, 27 October 2014 11:03

Don't Be Tricked This Year!

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We are headed for the kick off season of sweet consumption, starting with Halloween this Friday! So think ahead here and now.

On Halloween there are dozens of those tempting, so called "fun-sized" candies. But what's so "fun" about eating treats if you feel physically sick to your stomach, and so upset from beating yourself up with guilt? What's so "fun" about gaining weight which you have worked so hard to lose? What kind of "treat" is all that? Sounds more like a trick! Plan on using some of the tips below and you really can pass on temptation's tricks. Remember many of these ideas can apply to just about any holiday/social event:

  • Make it a point not to give in to buying Halloween candy weeks before the holiday. Otherwise, it's just sitting around "haunting you." If you absolutely have to get it ahead of time, (why would you anyway?) at least store it in places where you are not constantly exposed to it and taunted to eat it.
  • Pick candies that you don't like, or you're just fooling yourself (setting yourself up) when you buy your favorites.
  • Consider giving non-food treats to the kids, like fun pencils, erasers and items from the dollar store.
  • If you absolutely must have a small amount of Halloween candy so you don't feel deprived, plan on when, what, and how much you will eat ahead of time. Then don't beat yourself up about it if you do. Better yet, choose CMWM Chocolate Delite, a guilt free part of your plan! Whatever you decide on, consume it mindfully (see handout on that topic) and savor it. If eating sweets sets you up for bingeing then don't even eat it at all. Fruit or another favorite healthy snack is always a better option anyway, keep it strategically available along with a few visual posted positive affirmations. Remember all these treats are available any time of year.
  • If you find yourself digging in your child's bag at the end of the evening make it a point to keep the empty wrappers in front of you so it doesn't become mindless eating.
  • Have specific items available to replace eating candy: CMWM Chocolate Delites, a favorite diet soda, (we always suggest Zevia, or an antioxidant rich, spicy herbal tea like Bengal Spice or home brewed Chai (these teas are available everywhere now and you can control the carbs by using stevia).
  • Emphasize the fun part of Halloween. Make a contest for pumpkin carving, bob for apples and set up some Halloween games for the kids.
  • Halloween night is so hectic healthy dinners are skipped. Plan ahead and consume leftovers from the night before or have something healthy but easy.
  • Eat dinner earlier so you get that evening meal in. (A protein shake or bar would be easy start. Just build of it.) If you miss dinner entirely because you are so busy, you are going to be overly hungry and setting yourself up to overeat later.
  • Offer to buy your kid's candy when it comes in so the leftovers aren't "haunting" you. (Then get rid of it!) Many dentists buy candy. If it's still around keep it in a spot where you aren't constantly tempted to see it.
  • Enlist your spouse or friend to support you (NOT be the food police).
  • Out of sight, out of mind, and out of mouth, applies at home and at the workplace. Ask your co-workers to keep candy jars inside their desks or stashed away. If they want to keep candy on their desks, buy them a cute opaque container with a lid so you can't see inside of it and walk really fast when passing them, focusing on why you are choosing not to consume it (i.e. your reasons for wanting to lose weight).
  • Chew gum. Sugarless gum gives some sweetness with negligible calories. It might help satisfy a sweet tooth, overcome the urge to eat candy and even help manage hunger pangs to hold you over until your next meal.
  • Replace the candy with healthier choices if it is out whether at home or work.. Put out a bowl of colorful fresh crunchy fruit instead.
  • Move the candy jar. Many studies have been done on how frequently people eat candy when it's within reach. "If you have to get up to get a piece of candy, it is not always worth the effort, whereas when the candy is convenient, consumption is higher." says Brian Wansink, a researcher in the field of mindless eating.
  • If you are taking an appetite suppressant do not forget to take it on this day. (You can also try 200-600 mc of chromium picolinate, L-glutamine, 500-1,000 mg (on an empty stomach) and/or your Fat Burner closer to the time you are going to be tempted. Check in with the doctor or the nutritionist on this, especially if you are diabetic.
  • The main idea here with all of these ideas, is to have a game plan and some good strategies in place prior to the event. Write reminders out (or have them set on your phone) so you can utilize a plan when the time comes.
  • Don't be "tricked" into gaining weight just because it's a holiday. Halloween and the other holidays will be back next year to "haunt" YOU again. and remember this is just one single day when you get rid of the stuff around the house.

And whatever you do, don't miss your weekly appointments for accountability and support. Don't let your pride get in the way if you should slip. That's when you need us the most. No judgment. We are here for you in any situation!

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