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Tuesday, 19 June 2018 09:23

Exercise Doubles as a Stress Reducer!

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Most people are aware that exercise has numerous benefits. And exercise helps diffuse stress. Who doesn't need help with that? Now the big question, exactly what kind of exercise works the best for stress?
According to the current research from HealthDayNews, cardio workouts, known typically for all its great cardiovascular benefits, is also good for taming the mind. This includes any moderate-intensity activity like walking, biking and even dancing. Thirty minutes a day is all you need.
Yoga has always been the most popular exercise when it comes to dealing with stress. As a yoga fan myself, I know first-hand how it develops a wonderful sense of mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is great too, for that stretching so important for flexibility and balance. It's an absolutely perfect way to end any cardio workout. Not only does it stretch the hard worked muscles, but it rids the body (and the mind) of any leftover stress. And it's actually easy to work in directly after a cardio exercise.
Or, you can choose to simply do a few basic stretches when stress is building up, whether it be at home or at work. Depending on where your body feels tight, just Google yoga for the neck, back, etc., and it will lead you to exercises that help in that area of the body. You don't even have to do it very long to reap its benefits. I've used it myself when I get a bad headache, lower back pain from driving too long, or if I just need to wind down from the day's stresses before bed. There’s literally a yoga fix for almost everything, although I am a little biased.  (This article can rid you of any uncomfortable feelings you might have about trying yoga! Additionally, CMWM also a a very basic beginner's yoga CD that anyone can do.)
Tai chi is another great exercise for ridding the body of stress and it's especially suited for those who are older or even unable to do a lot physically. It is a revered Chinese discipline of activity, a combination of martial arts and meditation, and is also great for turning off the anxiety from stress. For best results though, the American College of Sports Medicine suggests you learn the basics from someone really qualified first, and then practice on your own between classes. I would suggest this for yoga as well.
The bottom line is that these forms of exercises from cardio to yoga, emphasize deep breathing, a clinically proven method for stress release. It automatically elicits the relaxation response. (I'd personally suggest just some plain deep breathing alone when the need arises. There are many apps you can use to simplify the process.)
All that being said, we are gaining more and more insight as to how the body benefits from all forms of exercise, but isn’t stress reduction an especially motivating reason to do it? What exercises do you enjoy for stress reduction?
This quote says it best: "You’re only one workout away from a good mood." - Author unknown.
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