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Monday, 03 March 2014 11:23

Fast Food to Make us Strong? – Really?

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A few weeks ago we finished watching our Olympic heroes and their great achievements. But what do they really eat to make them champions?

These athletes are such an inspiration and example to us all, and especially to children. As a nutritionist and as a mother, what really bothers me about Olympic sponsors like McDonald's, is that it totally sends the wrong signal about health, strength and vitality. When people come into our clinic after getting off this kind of food the very first thing they tell me is how much better they feel! What any fast food establishment is doing is literally driving an epidemic of diet related diseases (diabetes, heart disease, etc.) by aggressively marketing all its unhealthy products to children and perpetuating the same lie to adults who may not know better. I can hardly believe this is what our Olympic athletes actually consume.

Initially many years ago, going out to a place like McDonald's was considered more of a special occasion and was not done every day like it seems to be done now. In moderation, eating fast food can be OK but the way it is consumed on a regular basis now, it's just downright detrimental to our health, especially to our children's health. And, with continued acceptance of this kind of faulty advertising kids will actually grow up thinking this is an acceptable healthy way to eat. If you haven't seen the movie Super Size Me I encourage you to see it, especially if you have children. Get a real example of what it does to your health. It may be an older movie but it's truer now than it's ever been and the health related disease statistics are even higher.

Am I the only one this kind of advertising bothers? Readers, do you really fall for this hype?

You can even take real action. Call on Olympians to take the important next step in being a role model and renounce any current or future endorsement from McDonald's.

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