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Friday, 08 June 2018 18:57

Father's Day 2018

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This coming Sunday is Father's Day. Over the last few years I've written numerous blogs on Father's Day,
so I invite you to explore the archive blogs from previous June blogs and see what ideas appeal to you, just for your dad.
And today I'm offering even more more new ideas that a dieting dad can appreciate, non-food related of course!
  • Have you seen the Yeti Rambler 10 ounce Lowball Cup, $19.99? This is a uniquely shaped, insulated, stainless steel cup that will keep cold drinks cold in the summer and hot ones hot in the winter. This YETI Rambler Lowball was made specifically for campfire and lakeside gatherings. For that outside kind of Dad hanging out in the great outdoors, he'll keep this special cup close at hand.
  • Like Darth Vader, your dad is the best in the galaxy and this t-shirt shirt confirms it. The cotton tee is perfect for "Star Wars" fans.  
  • How about this all-natural, tangy hot sauce? It's actually part of the lineup on the popular YouTube series "Hot Ones," and is made from serrano peppers grown in over 30 community gardens throughout the Bronx. And the good news, it's low calorie and a natural condiment to increase metabolism! 
  • Now this is unique: a leather money clip! Classy it is.
  • Here's something the entire family can enjoy with dad together. For a truly fun night in with family and kids, or for the next get-together with friends, this is something Dad can get a kick out of (and probably won't already have. No more ties, please.). This is a game called Beeropoly. 
  • Then there's a beautiful leather case for his phone. This is truly an understated, rugged leather case which will keep his phone safe and is just pretty cool looking. 
No matter what you do with dad, or what you give him, remember him in some way. His fatherly role as a mentor, a guide and a supportive presence in your life, was and is inspiring to your own personal self-discovery, growth and learning.
Still need more ideas for a special day for dad, go here.
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