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Tuesday, 15 January 2019 08:57

Free Will

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Every single day you make choices about how you need to follow your weight loss program. You think about it and hopefully
you plan ahead for any potential challenge that may be coming up. But how often do you really consider that you have free will to choose what you will do?
Sometimes a dieter will become simply become complacent, unfocused or even overwhelmed with choices, not really following the program the way it is suggested. While unhealthy choices might be comfortable they also bring undesirable results. Such is the time to break out of this routine or comfort zone.
And even though options may seem formidable on the surface at times, it's important to remember that YOU are still always in charge of your attitude. Your attitude then predicts behavior. If you are driven by negativity, a negative outcome will result. If your outlook is positive the results will also be positive. You have free will to decide on your attitude.
You have this gift of free will. It’s really a matter of being in the moment and making it a point to be truly thoughtful about your choice and what you really want to achieve in the long run. Take the time to think before you make a choice and take charge of your decisions to lead a healthy and satisfying life. Free will supports you with taking charge of your life, to be all that defines you.
Every day as you are making your food choices ask yourself, is this choice bringing me closer to my goals or taking me away from those goals? Add to this saying, "I am making the choice not to have the unhealthy option. I am choosing to make the healthy choice." And, isn't this more empowering than simply saying, "I can’t have this."
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