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Saturday, 26 September 2015 12:56

How to Avoid the Afternoon Energy Crash

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Do you often experience a mid-afternoon energy slump? What's the best way to avoid this common problem?

1) Have an energy drink, candy bar and/or cup of sugary coffee.
2) Tough it out, then have a big dinner.
3) Eat a balanced healthy breakfast and lunch.

If you picked #3 three, you are right!

Although our bodies may naturally desire rest during the afternoon (think siesta), there are ways to avoid the energy crash.

According to WebMD, a healthy breakfast and lunch can help you avoid a mid-afternoon energy slump. And don't forget to get enough sleep the night before!

Avoid eating a heavy carbohydrate laden lunch, because your body will require energy to digest the meal. Experts suggest adding adequate protein intake such as chicken, lean meat, tuna or low-fat cheese to your light lunch.

If it's too late and your energy has already waned, take a brisk walk (outside if possible), drink a large glass of water or have a light, healthy snack.

CalMWM Head Nutritionist Elaine Murphy contributed to this article.

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