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Monday, 13 August 2018 15:54

Maintaining Your Weight: It's about Accountability

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The other day I discussed how difficult keeping excess weight off is. I also mentioned the importance of learning accountability so that doesn't happen so readily. Today I am discussing accountability and some ways you can actually learn that skill while in the process of losing weight.
The reality is, it is imperative that a person learns this skill during the weight loss phase before maintenance, otherwise it's likely the weight will return. 
Here are some ways you can work on accountability before you get to Step 2 or 3. Ask yourself these questions directly and be honest with yourself when you have a slip in your food plan, and then do what is required to get yourself back on track:
  • Do I know when I am making my mistakes? Can I admit it to myself freely without beating myself up, or ignoring it (neither works to rectify the problem).
  • Do I have full understanding of the mistakes I make? Do I know exactly why I make these mistakes? Do I have real solutions so the same mistakes are not made again?
  • Am I able to get myself back on diet plan right away or do I procrastinate?
  • Do I have real ownership of my challenges and circumstances? In other words, do I take responsibility for my actions, or do I make excuses and/or put the blame elsewhere?
  • Do I take the initiative and change my behavior as soon as possible? Why or why not? What is stopping me?
  • Do I ask for what I need in any given circumstance so I can be successful? Do I know who to ask? Am I willing to ask for help?
  • Do I actaully analyze my actions and ask how it is contributing to my success (or failure)?
  • Do I readily find the solutions to my challenges or do I continue to struggle with the same challenges all the time? Do I find realistic solutions to my challenges so I can be successful?
  • Have I truly accepted healthy eating and consistent exercise as real lifestyle changes?

In the end, accountability is really about taking genuine responsibility for your own actions: "Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else." - Les Brown

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