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Monday, 17 September 2018 13:57

Making Exercise Really Stick!

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Changing a lifestyle habit can be really tough, especially if it's keeping exercise consistent, and/or ifyou hate to exercise!!! But you know it will help with your weight loss and even more importantly, it benefits your health is so many other ways. Here are some real simple, no fail  tips on how to get going once and for all:
1. One of the best ways is make a habit is to make a solid ritual with it. Remember that habits are behaviors that you simply repeat over an over so they become really engrained, you want to make exercise something that, at least initially, is very mindless and that can ultimately become just automatic for you. Basically, the whole idea with this is that you have to find a fool proof easy way to keep it consistent enough to really develop into a solid habit, ideally something you don't even have to think about except for the time and day.
One way of doing just this is to set a very specific day, with a very specific time that you can, and will do an activitiy (Example): Every week, I will exercise on (day of week)______ at (time of day)______. This is your promise to yourself that you will absolutely follow through with it, and not let anything else interfere with it. Make it like an appointment that you cannot break no matter what! Research actually proves that if you use this kind of strategy with yourself you are actually 2-3 times to be successful compared to those who don't set this up.
2. Don't forget to make the activity super easy to implement! This supports setting up the ritual of exercising so much easier. This is the important aspect to all this, it just has to is a very easy and very doable for you. Make it at a time that you can actually do something, even if it’s just 10 minutes twice a week. It has to simply be soooooo easy to do you can't possibly fail with it. This means no major commitments to a gym or trainer, just a simple 10 minute a day walk, 2 times a week. With this easy, peasy plan you just cannot possibly fail and that sets up the habit part in place. Think about it, something is so easy you no longer have excuses to keep you from doing it, and you are much more likely to be successful in accomplishing this mini goal.
 3.Truly focus on forming the habit of activity first …..and then focus on the results later. Most people will take the approach to exercise is to get results. Sure this goal setting aspect is really important but if you have struggled and failed too many times in the past, and you have never been really successful, you might need to turn things around and focus on the HOW TO (action, strategy), first instead. Focus on just not missing those 10 minute workouts initially so you can keep the momentum going. Once you are habit bound and are doing the 10 minutes, twice a week, you can always increase both the amount of time you are exercising, and how many times a week you can implement your activity. (It’s also helpful to pick something you actually enjoy. Most people do in fact enjoy walking so it might be good to start with that, but if there’s something else you like more, [like dancing for example], then do it!)
Now just to be clear here, here is the basic difference between a habit and a real strategy, or an action plan, to develop the ultimate habit with real lasting results:
• Say you are a writer and the goal is to write a book. The action plan or strategy behind that given goal is to develop a definite writing schedule (similar to exercise), writing for so many minutes a day, every day.
• If you're a regular walker already, your goal might be is to participate in an upcoming marathon. Your action plan for being able to walk that far and long, is to set up your specific training schedule for the weeks and month ahead, while increasing the speed and how far you can walk every week, so you can complete the marathon successfully in a reasonable time frame.
The idea is that once you build your basic core habit of exercise, then you can literally find numerous ways to improve on it. But without developing a real consistent small habit change first, (10 minutes a few times a week) no goal will really work well.
 "Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." - George Bernard Shaw
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