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Monday, 25 June 2018 16:58

Mid-Year Review - Have You Reached Your Weight Loss Goals?

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We are almost past the middle of the year. How have you done with your New Year's Resolution from last January?

For those of you who are moving along with your weight loss or have already succeeded, I give you my accolades. For the rest of you, I  sincerely encourage you to renew your goals. An important part of any resolution is that you really have to make it a concrete goal and put some positive energy into it. Here's a few reasons exactly why goal setting really works:

Why does goal setting work? Goal setting literally initiates the momentum toward achievement. However, there's a "but" here....  But, then you have to make the commitment to do it. It starts with that promise you make to yourself. It's a commitment. Just because you make a promise to yourself, it still should be as important as making a promise to someone else. Consider this: "There's a difference between INTEREST and COMMITMENT. When you're INTERESTED in doing something you do it when it's convenient. When you're COMMITTED to something you accept NO EXCUSES, ONLY RESULTS."  So, how solid is your commitment? Once you have made a real decision, a real commitment to achieve something, you are no longer being passive, you move forward with action. 

Why does goal setting work? You get real results! With a real vision to work toward, you push yourself; you evaluate and measure your results with mini goals. You write them down. Have you gotten the results you wanted? (Remember, all successful people set goals: Michael Phelps Kobe Bryant, Mark Zuckerberg, etc..….)

Why does goal setting work? Goals create focus: with a solid focus you know how to spend your time, and you spend it in directed, specific action. Do you get distracted from what you want?

Why does goal setting work? Goals create true, authentic self-accountability. You walk the talk, not just talk the talk! It's about being true to yourself and having the integrity to do what's important to you. Are you really doing what it ALL takes to get to your goal?

Why does goal setting work? Goals motivate you. You connect with your real innermost desires. What is it that you want? Do you know exactly WHY you want to lose your weight? Are your "whys" compelling enough to keep you going? Do you spend any time thinking about what your weight loss will give you in life? And If you ever lose motivation, you can simply ask us for help in this direction. We are here for you.   

Why does goal setting work? Goals help you achieve your highest potential. Without goals, you simply default to your old habits, they may be comfortable but they are not giving you the results that you want. You will stay stuck remaining in your comfort zone. This denies you real personal growth. By setting goals, you have the potential to stretch beyond your normal self and reach new heights.  

Lastly, time will always pass in your life. In one year's time, you'll be one year older. In five years you'll be five years older. Don’t waste your time just wanting to lose weight. Set goals to propel you forward! 

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