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Tuesday, 17 April 2018 11:28

A Move for More Movement

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The other day I discussed how sitting is the new smoking, meaning that leading a sedentary lifestyle has serious consequences in terms of life expectancy and aging more quickly. And now there's even more bad news.
According to researchers in a preliminary study by UCLA with older adults, sitting too much is also linked to changes in a section of the brain crucial for memory. Yikes! Now are memories may be impaired too, by sitting so much! Clearly a move more movement is starting to happen.
In this small study, this same sedentary behavior could also be significant predictors in thinning of certain brain structures. The more hours spent just sitting are associated with thinner regions in the brain. The next step for researchers is to follow a group of people for a longer duration to determine what specifically causes this thinning, and what roles gender, race and weight will play in overall brain health related to sitting. 
This thinning can be a precursor to cognitive decline and dementia. By reducing this sedentary behavior this could potentially be a target intervention designed to improve brain health, especially for those at risk for Alzheimer's.
Once again the message is becoming more and more clear, we have to move more every day. And like the other study, even physical activity at other times of the day are still insufficient to offset the effects of sitting for long periods the rest of the day.
We know it doesn't take much to zap our energy to exercise, but consider this if we don't move more, "The trouble is, if you don't risk anything, YOU RISK EVEN MORE." – Erica Jong
Every day that you choose to sit around and not move, the more risk you are for dying much younger. It seems it's literally that simple....and scary.
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