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Sunday, 01 February 2015 12:31

New Obesity Study Misses The Mark

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A new review of scientific data published this week in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings claims that added sugars are the primary driver of diabetes. According to lead study author James DiNicolantonio, a research scientist at St. Luke's Mid America Heart Institute, "It's refined carbs and added sugars that lead to insulin resistance and diabetes, which leads to high insulin levels, which drives obesity."

While providing an important warning on the causes and consequences of diabetes, the study misses the mark somewhat by confusing obesity (having too much body fat) with "diabesity," a group of diseases associated with obesity, such as diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension (high blood pressure). In an article describing the new study, Time Magazine links to a previous article which claims, "We intuitively know that eat less and exercise more doesn't work."

That statement runs afoul of both common sense and medical facts. Nowadays medical science seeks to explain away the obesity epidemic and diabesity health problems by pointing to biological and genetic factors, preferring to treat the symptoms rather than the cause of obesity. In doing so, it removes personal responsibility from the equation. What we do know is that advice to eat less and exercise more is the least effective means of controlling overweight and obesity.

Most obesity sufferers already know that good advice alone will not help them achieve a healthy body weight. It is not easy to overcome a lifetime of bad eating habits (overeating, sugary, fatty foods) and a sedentary lifestyle. Especially when the goal is an abstract one, like good health and longevity. Even drastic measures such as bariatric surgery can fail if they do not address the long-term lifestyle changes necessary to maintain a healthy body weight.

Don't fall for the hype that obesity can be cured by a miracle pill, or that it is the result of bad genes. We know that consequences, both good and bad, are the result of our own actions. California Medical Weight Management will help you reach your short-term goal of rapid weight loss, but more importantly, we will teach you the tools you need to keep the excess weight off for good. Transforming your life is in your own hands. Contact CalMWM today for a free consultation.

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