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Monday, 09 January 2017 09:22

New Year's Resolution 2017 - Lose Weight

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Is losing weight your New Year’s resolution? What few people fail to accept when they try to lose weight is to "enjoy the journey." What?????

Sure we all want to get the weight loss part done as quickly as possible. Isn't that the goal?  But struggling with change, being hungry, and being constantly challenged with temptation is not something we actually "enjoy." How does anyone "enjoy" losing weight? So OK, maybe it's a matter of using the wrong semantics.

The real meaning here is to take an honest look at any unhealthy eating habit that has contributed to your weight gain.Then when the next impulse comes along to engage in any of them again is to be prepared ahead of time and have a new skill set in place to overcome that temptation. Maybe "enjoying the journey" is about taking adult responsibility around changing unhealthy personal habits and enjoying true health in life.

So what are the specific habits that habitually get you into trouble with your weight? Take the initiative to organize your life around healthier habits. Maybe you need to rely on new and quick healthier recipes. Those recipes are available, you just need to find the ones that work for you in your clinic. Do you need to be more assertive and communicate your needs around healthier habits? Are you being specific in terms of what you need from those around you? Where do you need their support? Or maybe you need to plan things ahead better. Do you plan your meals and then go shopping or do you wait until the meal comes around and then wonder what to eat? Is stress management neglected in your life? You cannot avoid stress but you can learn better ways to cope with it. Maybe exercise is a long lost part of your life, how will you implement it back into your life in a way you will enjoy it again? Does socializing get in your way of eating healthy? Do you know the healthy things you can order in a restaurant?

What are your personal weaknesses? What are the specific habits that trip you up with weight loss? What are the real solutions to overcoming those habits? The only way you will really keep your weight off is to target those unhealthy habits specifically and then make that commitment to make a permanent change with them. Ask your MA for help and read all the literature (and then implement the suggestions) in our clinics that is available to you to help find the answers you need help with. Review the blog achive for numerous ideas to support you. Be sure and read this January’s Patient Packet on how to Keep Your New Year’s Weight Loss Goals or read tomorrow's blog. Contact me directly if you need help: [email protected] We are all here for you.

"Success is to be measured not by so much by the position that one has reached in life, but by the obstacles he has overcame while trying to succeed." - Booker T. Washington.

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