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Monday, 27 July 2015 13:02

No Effort Exercise

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So you know you really should exercise but… but the couch just beckons you to stay right where you are.  Sometimes though it’s just OK  to  take things  slowly, and feel good about what you can  do in your sluggish state, no matter how little exertion you may take.

Here are some options made just for those kinds of days:

  • Simply stretch. It’s part of a well rounded exercise program anyway. Stretching is much more important than you might thing for your flexibility and joint range of motion. And, it  even feels good.
  • Try some easy yoga poses. Or try our relaxing CMWM Yoga DVD,  or have  ever you ever heard of restorative yoga?
  • What if you just can’t bring yourself to get off the couch? Fidget,  just  try doing some very simple movements like tapping your fingers or feet, it all counts. It may not be like doing squats but it’s still movement.
  • How  you burn calories with or without without exercise actually depends on whether your body can switch on non-exercise thermogenesis, or what is commonly call NEAT.  So About that fidgeting… any way you can get some kind of extra movement in,  it really can help burn a few more calories.
  • The New England Journal of Medicine reported on a Laval University study that measured the calories burned by 100 pairs of identical twins. The participants who were deliberately fed an extra 1,000 calories per day gained weight in direct proportion to the amount of NEAT that was activated. So fidget away! Note that the exact number of calories burnt varies, depending on the style of fidgeting. Pacing of course burns more calories than simple pen tapping.
  • So here’s a small step into a bit more activity now: Keep a small weight or even a kettle bell (using this kind of weights actually burns more calories!) laying around in your living room. When you get up, every time you pass it, give it a few swings or pumps. You might set a mini-goal of how many reps you’ll do every time you pass it.
  • Instead of sitting on the couch, stand in front of it and do a mini all body routine in a few short minutes: Do some squats on the first commercial, pushups with the second and a plank hold with the third. (One guy I know does a pull-up under his dining room table-he has no bar!)
  • So now you might just consider to do a bit more. Mix exercise with family time by using a Wii Fit or get competitive with the Fit bit bracelet app that tracks your progress and even has contests you could set up with friends.
  • Has your house been gathering a little dust or clutter? If you can manage to get off the couch maybe just clean up a bit. These activities burn calories too: 123 calories vacuuming, 133 calories doing laundry and 127 calories doing general cleaning like sweeping and dusting. They need to get done anyway right? Might as well burn a few calories right?
  • Consider wearing a CMWM pedometer. It doesn’t actually cause you to exercise but it does count how many steps you take as part of your day and that may just motivate you to move a bit more!
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