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Monday, 10 February 2014 13:20

Lab Tests for Hearth Health

The other day I discussed American Heart Month and some of the risk factors (besides being overweight).

Today I want to really emphasize the importance of some basic lab work and a few other considerations regarding heart health, mainly because heart disease is simply not always obvious until the first heart attack! Significantly more important details are in your monthly magazine so make sure you read it this month!

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Monday, 10 February 2014 13:14

February is American Heart Month

Are you aware that obesity is probably one of the biggest risk factors related to heart disease?

February is American Heart Month. Few people do not honestly know the magnitude of health problems caused by being overweight and its direct impact on heart health alone. Simply taking off a few pounds can provide cardiovascular benefits, so every step in the right direction is a step toward a healthier you. Even when there are no adverse effects on the known risk factors, obesity by itself increases risk of heart disease.

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February always marks the beginning of American Heart month.

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Monday, 18 February 2013 09:30

Vegetables Just as Important as Medication!

Sounds like mom was right again about having to eat your vegetables. Fruits and vegetables might come in first over medication in prevention of second heart attacks according to a five year study from McMaster University's Population Health Research Institute, headed by author and nutritionist Mahshid Dehghan involving almost 32,000 patients (average age 66.5) in over 40 countries. Data indicated that those who ate a heart healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables had a:

  • 35 per cent reduction in risk for cardiovascular death
  • 14 per cent reduction in risk for new heart attacks
  • 28 per cent reduction in risk for congestive heart failure
  • 19 per cent reduction in risk for stroke

This study was recently published by the American Heart Association Journal Circulation. To be clear, a healthy diet in this study consisted of a high intake of fruits, vegetables, limited amounts of whole grains and nuts, in addition to a generous intake of fish compared to meat, poultry and eggs. Lifestyle choices were also considered regarding alcohol consumption, smoking and exercise.

This is actually the first study to report on the protective impact of healthy eating for individuals with cardiovascular disease and those already taking medication to prevent a second heart attack, stroke or death. While medication reduces the risk, dietary and lifestyle choices can impact it even more so.

The important message here, is that it's a very false belief for patients to think they don't need to worry about how they eat as long as they take their medication. The facts clearly indicate that a healthy diet and lifestyle add significant health benefits along with heart medication for cardiovascular conditions. This is especially important to high risk heart patients.

Published in Nutrition
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