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Friday, 14 August 2015 12:51

Willpower: It's All About the Brain!

If only we had more willpower right? We all want that illusive willpower. We blame our failures on dieting because of a lack of it. But willpower isn't actually what you might think. And lack of it isn't totally your fault. And I bet you are relieved to hear that right?

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Monday, 17 November 2014 11:51

Do You Want Willpower?

One thing which is repeatedly heard by dieters is, "I don't have any willpower." Do you know that just saying you don't have willpower over and over, you are actually affirming that very thing? Let that be one simple lesson in changing the premise that you don't have any. Instead start saying, "I'm in the process of developing willpower." Doesn't that feel better?

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Monday, 25 November 2013 13:48

I Don't Have Any Willpower!

We are fast approaching the holiday season and with it all the lure and temptations of favorite holiday foods. How do we overcome all that temptation?

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Most people do not think of courage when they think of weight loss. Everyone usually thinks only of willpower when it comes to dieting. But courage actually comes first. Even the great thinker Aristotle said, Courage is the first of human qualities which guarantees the others. It is in fact a great attribute when it concerns weight management.

Even though we may not think of courage in these ways, it is learning to overcome our lazy habits of relying on fast foods rather than taking the time to cook healthier ones, or maybe getting up earlier every day to exercise. Maybe it's the courage to say "No thank-you" to people who push food on you. And yes it does take both courage and willpower to say no to all the numerous food choices that do not support us on our weight loss journey.

Courage is about developing and utilizing all your deep inner resources to face the magnitude of weight loss challenges and unhealthy habits head-on around your food choices. We know there are many! (Remember we are here too to support you.)

And where do you get this courage? You get it by tapping into the inner reserve of your mind and realizing you can do what it takes to accomplish your goal. You have to believe you really are more powerful than all the circumstances around you. Work on your courage, everyone has it. Sometimes you just have to pull it out of yourself.

For those of you who have been successful, how have you personally developed the courage to go forward with your weight loss goals?


Published in Nutrition
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