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Nutrition, diet and health blogs by CalMWM Head Nutritionist Elaine Murphy (BA, CNS). For our patients.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 08:23

Thanksgiving 2018

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Are you currently dieting and dreading the taunting temptations of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner? The thought of being in a "food coma" personally doesn't excite me anymore. But how do you avoid not doing just that when everyone is pushing everything at you?
Monday, 12 November 2018 16:15

November is American Diabetes Month - 2018 (2)

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November is National Diabetes Month. General dietary recommendations for diabetics include adequate  protein and fat intake, and food plan very low in net carbs. A few specific superfoods specific for diabetics, were outlined in last week’s blog. Today's blog will suggest additional superfoods to fortify a healthy diet for diabetics (or anyone who just wants more optimal health!).
Tuesday, 06 November 2018 11:29

November is American Diabetes Month - 2018 (1)

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Do you know what disease is actually considered a "silent killer"?
Tuesday, 30 October 2018 12:33

Stay Healthy This Flu Season!

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Well here it is November and hopefully you are still staying well. What can you do to stay well this season? As a nutritionist I have lots of good tips to support your good health this season….
The one, most important way you can support your immune system to fight off the season’s onslaught of viruses is to eat healthy and eat clean with pure whole fresh foods! Sorry if you were hoping to find a magic pill of sorts. Even the flu shot can't fight off everything. So guard yourself with nutrient rich foods you can consume every day. Here are some other as important nutrients your body needs every day to work at its optimum especially in terms of developing a healthy immune system:
  1. The bare bone basic nutrients are vitamin A and C, with D probably being the biggest germ fighter ever! Some health authoritites imply it can fight as good as the flu shot if your levels are high enough! (You really do need vitamin D for so manyother important functions anyway!) 
  2. Your vitamin Bs are also extremely important because they too, simply do more than just a few functions. They are even exceptionally good at fighting stress, which is always the worst during our upcoming holiday season. (We all should know how stress wears down our immune system, right? more on this below.)
  3. Include a good probiotic supplement. This supplement is important actually all the time, but it's even more so during the winter. (Sugar and processed carbs, so abundant this time of year  play real havoc with the probiotic balance in our bodies.) Most of our immune system is in our gut so we want to keep that flooded with probiotics to keep things in balance and keep your immune system strong at its strongest. Resrearch is indicating these probiotics are also good for weight management too.
  4.  What’s really, really important here too, is staying away from sugar and processed carbohydrates! That’s a biggie during the upcoming months but if you really want to stay healthy (and continue losing your weight consistently at the same time of course), then don't consume them, or at the very least moderate intake. (Incidentally you'll have a lot more energy during a busy holiday season if you stick to your diet plan as well, because consuming too much sugar will ultimately not only wear your immune system down, but it will deplete your energy too. 
  5. As mentioned above, another immune problems relates directly to stress. We all know that stress is an immune killer. In the months ahead consider what you can cut back on, and what you can get by without doing, delegate (myth: things don’t have to be perfect!), and/or learn not to REACT to stress. (Easy to say, hard not to do!) Deal with it by problem solving it, "letting it go," and/or diffusing it with a good outlet like moderate activity. (Ask for any of the numerous stress handouts available at your clinic so you can effectively control it better without it wearing you down and literally making you sick!)
  6. Another real basic to keep your immune system strong is to get enough sleep! Many people don't get enough sleep anyway, and during the holidays this seems to get even worse. So when you can, really discipline yourself to get those important zzzzz’s. Note, lack of sleep interferes with weight loss too.
These are just a few of the more important aspects to stay healthy, now and all year. For even more detailed more tips go here.
"Today, more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise."- Mike Adams
Tuesday, 30 October 2018 09:30

How do you handle slips on your diet plan?

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How did you do over the Halloween holiday? Did you still manage to follow your plan? (Great work if you did!)  Or did you get a little off track? Did you really overdo? Regardless of what happened here are some things to think about.
Tuesday, 23 October 2018 11:58

Motivation for Holiday Weight Loss Success

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This is The Elephant Rope story I’ve heard several times by A.M, Marcus and it's never failed in making me realize how often people only think they can't do certain things. Read on and find your truth. You can do what you need to do to be successful! Start working on a "can do" mindset for Halloween and the upcoming holidays. Let this story support a positive belief in yourself to succeed.
Tuesday, 23 October 2018 10:27

The Big Skinny on Halloween 2018

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Despite our best efforts, the holidays bring even more stress to our already stress filled days. It ramps up with Halloween. Is one of those stresses the fear of gaining weight? We just happen to have some solutions for that!
For years it was always thought that exercise was "king" when it came to developing bone density but a new study from the University of Michigan took a closer look at mineral supplementation and exercise in mice, and found some surprising results:
Thursday, 11 October 2018 09:32

Are You Getting the Weight Loss Results You Want?

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Are you getting the weight loss results you want? As a patient of CMWM you are supposed to be consuming 800-1000 calories a day on the CMWM program. But, if you eat less than that you run the risk of, guess what, not losing weight. One would think the more calories you cut out, the more weight you will lose, right? Wrong!
Tuesday, 09 October 2018 09:40

Freedom to Change - It's a Choice

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Choice. It's truly all about freedom-the freedom to pick one action over another. Are you choosing the things you really want from life or you just staying in your comfort zone? What is it you want from life? Is it weight loss?
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