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Monday, 26 January 2015 11:13

Obesity Can Steal Up To 20 Healthy-Life Years

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According to a new study published in medical journal The Lancet, obesity can take nearly a decade off your life. In terms of "healthy life years" without obesity-related diseases (diabestes, hypertension), the number is twice as high.

In a new study, researchers from McGill University in Montreal found that "healthy life-years lost were substantially greater than the years of life lost for all groups of overweight and obese individuals, with the largest values noted in young adults aged 20-39 years, including 18.8 years for very obese men and 19.1 years for very obese women. Even in older individuals who are only overweight, healthy life-years lost were substantial despite small or neglibible years of life lost."

Since 1980 obesity rates have doubled. Obesity is now considered an epidemic. Like smoking-related diseases, obesity-related diseases (also known as "diabesity") are preventable. Although modern medical science has found ways to preserve our lives and treat disease, society has not yet caught up with making the right food choices. As with smoking-related illnesses, we need to take a preventive approach to diabesity.

At California Medical Weight Management, in addition to rapid weight loss, our three-step program teaches you proper eating habits, and how to replace your high-fat, high-calorie diet with healthy, nutritious alternatives. Don't allow bad eating habits to shave years or even decades off your healthy-life years! Contact CalMWM today for a free diet consultation to find learn how we can help you.

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