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Friday, 23 May 2014 11:36

Obesity Rates Continue To Rise In 2014

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According to Fox News, a recent Gallup survey shows obesity rates continue to climb in the U.S. Currently the obesity rate for 2014 is 27.7%, up from 27.1% last year, again reaching record numbers.

In another recent study, researchers found a correlation between obesity and the cheap cost of food. This study rejects demographic evidence, and suggests the solution for overeating may be a tax on poor-quality foods like soda and candy.

Theories about the cause of obesity abound. But the simple fact is, weight gain is caused by taking in more calories than you burn. In other words, overeating. There may be many factors behind overeating, from genetics to sleep habits to the cost of food. But the bottom line is, that extra slice of cheesecake you eat will go straight to your ... "bottom line." Poor eating habits, not the cost of food, are the cause of the problem.

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