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Tuesday, 16 October 2018 12:34

Another Way of Thinking Yourself Thin!

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Have you ever heard of FIT, Functional Imagery Training?  Science Daily recently reported how successful this particular method of imagery training could support weight loss efforts.
In fact, according to current research published by the University of Plymouth and Queensland University, those people who used this FIT technique, lost an average of five times more weight than those using motivational talk therapy alone! So what is this FIT technique?
Professor Jackie Andrade, Professor in Psychology at the University of Plymouth and a co-creators of the mental imagery technique said: "FIT is based on two decades of research showing that mental imagery is more strongly emotionally charged than other types of thought. It uses simple imagery to strengthen people's motivation and confidence to achieve their goals, and teaches people how to do this for themselves, so they can stay motivated even when faced with weight loss challenges. We were very excited to see that our intervention achieved exactly what we had hoped for and that it helped our participants achieve their goals, and then most importantly, to maintain them."
Just to be clear here, what is being studied here is simple imagery, an age old method for accomplishing goals. And now that science is taking a much closer realistic hands-on approach to it, it validates its worth and gives it more credibility to implement it. In fact, when you are using imagery, did you even realize that the brain and the central nervous system do not know the difference between what has really taken place and what is imagined? Your brain will develop the same physiological responses when it is actually experiencing an event or when just viewing the event on a screen or in your head. As mentioned above, imagery can be an extremely emotionally charged form of thought, which makes the FIT technique such a potentially effective and valuable tool for weight loss. In other words you really can think yourself thin! This really is about developing and maintaining the correct mindset for success.
While most of us realize that to lose weight you have to learn to eat less and move more, that information alone is simply just not enough to motivate people for the long term. Motivation then, is the real key to making lifestyle changes for weight loss that sticks. Apparently this FIT technique has the goal of supporting individuals to come up with their own specific imagery of what change really might look and feel like, and how it can be achieved, and even maintained, especially when life's challenges come up as they frequently do. FIT might just be the missing link to holding on to the much needed motivation in weight loss, when temptation is at its greatest. Your mind supplies you with the needed imagery you need to remain motivated.
Here is an example of what it might look like. (You don't need an expert to guide you but it could help you get started.) Or simply learn to do imagery on your own with these tips in mind. And now, with a promising app (to be released sometime this month), the problem of a lapse in motivation may become a thing of the past! How great would that be to simply use an easy app (or even just your own powerful thinking) to stir up deep motivation when you need it the most!
Eleanor Roosevelt said, "You must do the things you cannot do." If this seems impossible just start with your imagination, literally imagine yourself doing things that are difficult for you. With practice eventually you will actually accomplish doing those things. You will do what could not do before!
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