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Monday, 16 October 2017 14:19

Three Steps to Overcome Temptation

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Temptation is literally everywhere when it comes to food choices. What's a dieter to do then? Do you give in and feel bad about yourself or can you really ignore the calling and stay committed to your diet plan? Yes you can, and here's how:
1) Change your thinking
Cravings can be so overwhelming. One of the biggest reasons you fight so hard stems from the fact that you tell yourself you can't have something. When you know you really should not have something this only makes the craving for it that much worse! So, say to yourself instead, "I am choosing not to have that today.” Doesn't that empower you a lot more? When you choose for yourself you are in control!
2) Think long-term goals, not immediate gratification
Take a breath and pause a minute to think about what you really want for yourself. Sometimes it’s crazy to think you can stop yourself in the moment of a strong temptation but in reality if you buy yourself the time to really pause and reflect about how badly you want to feel good about yourself and how much healthier you would be, it can override the desire to eat something that’s tempting right now in the moment. What do you really want in life? What will losing excess weight give you? Will that cookie today, give it to you?
3) What are you really depriving yourself of?
Probably the biggest question you want to ask yourself in the moment when you are feeling deprived is what are you REALLY depriving yourself of if you give into temptation? Your weight loss success? A feeling of pride about your appearance? Those lovely clothes that you’ve been dying to wear?  A longer life?  Better quality of life?  Is a cookie really worth all that? I didn’t think so.
Once you get into the habit of knowing what you truly want and value, suddenly it doesn’t seem so hard to overcome a cookie or two.  Stay focused on what you REALLY want.
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