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Tuesday, 07 October 2014 12:25

Young Age Obesity: The Longer Exposure Takes Its Toll

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Rarely did any diseases affect the world on such a large scale as did obesity. Young generation has become especially more affected the world over as they indulged more in things like fast foods, sweetened beverages and other fattening stuff.

That people are becoming obese in young age is alarming from a health stand point. Why? Because becoming obese in young age means one would remain exposed to obesity for longer time of one's life. This long exposure is not without implications though. Research has overwhelmingly proved that the extra amount of fat in the body does not sit there just as an indolent and inactive mass; it rather behaves like an active organ and starts to secrete a number of harmful substances which cause damage to all the body organs, resulting in diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancers.

The point here is that as long as there is extra fat in our body, it keeps damaging you. This means that an individual who became affected by obesity in his young age would already have suffered considerable damage before he reaches his middle age and will certainly suffer from more health problems than an individual who remained normal weight in his young age. This also means a poorer quality of life as well as shorter life expectancy for him. So an early onset obesity does not finish with you in young age, it passes on all its bad stuff into your middle age which further pass it to your old age.

While this may sound depressing to our friends affected by obesity, they need not worry at all: the optimistic aspect of the matter is that you can stop obesity from playing havoc with your body at will and at any point of time by reducing your weight. And even more promising thing is that once you start on a weight loss program, you don't have to wait until you shed whole of your extra weight; losing just 5% of your weight will save you from all weight-induced health damage, although the rest of the weight is still there! However in order to get full and lasting benefits of weight loss and prevent recurrence, it is best to aim at returning to the ideal weight for you height and age.

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