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Monday, 05 January 2015 11:32

Resign from the Clean Your Plate Club Now

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Were you raised in a home where "clean your plate" was the rule? Our ancestors may have come from countries where hunger and poverty were normal, but today in America we have an abundance of food. Now our health problems come from overeating, not undereating.

The U.S. government's Choose My Plate website, dedicated to healthy eating, notes that cleaning your plate is actually a stumbling block to good eating habits. Choose My Plate recommends,

"Resign from the 'clean your plate' club now. Stop eating when you are satisfied, not when your plate is empty. Start your meal by only eating half of what's on your plate. Stop for a moment and decide if you really want to eat more."


Cleaning your plate can lead to bad eating habits. You're probably familiar with the expression, "your eyes are bigger than your stomach." It means that we often choose portions that are too big. Forcing yourself to eat too much food is unnecessary and leads to unhealthy weight gain.

Other healthy eating tips to prevent you from overeating including carefully portioning your food, chewing slower, drinking lots of water with meals, and using a smaller plate. As a symbolic gesture, leave a little unfinished food on your plate and throw it away after the meal. Don't worry, you won't starve!

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