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Tuesday, 20 March 2018 11:07

Spring Holidays - 2018

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Here comes another holiday. Every month there will always be a socializing event, and it will always revolve around food. And like many others, it revolves around chocolate (despite the fact it’s available all year long!). So the answer for the dieter is.... 
we have to keep in mind that holidays are usually only one or two day events, so it doesn't have to be a huge dieting disaster. With just a little effort and planning ahead we really can do things to stick to our long term weight loss goals.
Here are a basket of tips to keep you on track:
  • Those sweets will be around, so what is your plan to moderate their consumption? If you absolutely must, buy the small, individually wrapped chocolate eggs. Avoid the giant chocolate bunnies, no matter how cute they are. (The bigger the bunny or chocolate egg, the bigger amount of calories/fat. It's just a fact.) Better yet, just have a few nibbles on the bunny ears! And, there's always our CMWM Chocolate Delites, too, "legal," literally every day on your plan if you need them. Here is more detailed info on Easter treats. It it will help you think twice about eating too much!
  • Don’t starve yourself before dinner! We say this all the time because so many dieters still believe they can out think their stomachs. You just can’t. Hunger is a driving force that overrides self-discipline and willpower. Keep those hard boiled eggs around to snack on to take the edge off hunger. And don’t forget to take your appetite suppressant if you have been prescribed one by your medical provider.
  • Stay active. Stand instead of sit. Go for a walk or supervise an egg hunt with the kids.
  • Re-do that Easter basket. Nontraditional gifts like books, costume jewelry, pencils, cute wearable bunny ears and the like, are even more appreciated than the usual candy. In fact it can be much more of a pleasant surprise of finding something entirely new in a basket. Fill the little plastic eggs with surprises like stickers, money and small treasures. 
  • Make healthy meal substitutions. Every CMWM clinic has holiday recipes modified for the holiday. You can still enjoy traditional favorites while staying to your plan.
  • Reminder: What is your health focus? You have to remind yourself that any holiday, regardless of what it is, is supposed to be about sharing some special time with those you love. It's not just an eating event!
This spring plant an inner spiritual 'garden' reminding you that: "Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners." -William Shakespeare
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