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Monday, 23 July 2018 16:52

Stay Motivated to Exercise!

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HealthDay News might have some new motivational ideas to keep exercise more interesting in your life. After all, when we keep moving on a regular basis, we keep increasing and/or maintaining our fitness level, and that in turn keeps us healthier all the way around.
There really are ways to keep motivation alive and well with activity! One thing to consider here, it might also be a good idea to match different exercise options with the major components of fitness that you are weaker with: cardio fitness, muscle strength, and flexibility and balance.They are all parts of a wellrounded exercise plan. It is easy to get so involved in one sport, other areas of fitness get ignored and our bodies become imbalanced.
Keep exercise as a part of your lifestyle and you will keep yourself healthier regardless of your age and gender. We know all too well, at least I hope you know, just how important activity (along with keeping your weight off) is to your overall health! Here to help are some basic ideas from HealthDay:
1) Find a specific weakness in your body. Don't be embarrassed that you need help improving certain areas. For example, maybe you need to build up some muscle so you can carry the weekly groceries better (maybe this is more for women?). Or maybe you've always just walked for fitness at a gentle pace and it's just time to improve on your cardio fitness with a HIIT feel to your walking. Maybe you need some yoga for developing more flexibility and balance (yes, you men could probably benefit from this more!).
2) How about taking your activity to another level? If you are already a runner consider a formal race. Or simply join an adult team of some kind. USA Cycling has clubs across the country where you can organize groups rides to explore more scenic routes and improve your basic biking skills. 
3) Master an entirely new activity! If you are into running, try swimming for a change. If you enjoy walking, try hiking. Love music? Try some Zumba or even a dance class of some kind. Just find something you really like…THAT is the biggest key to enjoying exercise after all!
4) Exercise for the greater good. Sign up for a fitness event that raises money for a worthwhile cause. There always seems to be an event for all the great causes that are out there that even a walker can do.
5) If you are already pretty fit, try an extreme sport that will challenge you on an entirely different level, but will still be to your liking and enjoyable, especially if you like more of an adrenaline rush! A few options might be Tough Mudder (, miles long obstacle courses across the country, or maybe an event like a marathon weekender at Disney World in Florida. The Corporation for National and Community Service, a government agency, can even support you form your own fitness event!
Readers, what keeps you motivated to exercise regularly? Share, share, share, we all need this kind of help! We really do need ideas!
Lastly, remember: "I don't have time to exercise" is simply the grown-up version of "The dog ate my homework."

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