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Wednesday, 21 August 2013 20:31

Nicholas Lee's Success Story

Written by  Nicholas Lee
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Here is a guest blog from Nicholas Lee, an actual CMWM patient. Read below to learn about Nicholas' amazing journey!


I weighed 9 lb 10 oz when I was born; from there I started my journey of obesity. As I entered puberty, I tried to pretend that it did not bother me to be overweight, that it was just who I was destined to become. I laughed at my own fat jokes, hiding my embarrassment. I could only dream of being a "normal size". I tried several weight loss tactics to no avail. It was so discouraging to think about the amount of weight I would need to lose.

I would lose 20-30 lbs and it would not be noticeable. I became very discouraged. My legs and feet hurt so severely from the burden of carrying the weight a doctor told me I would be wheel chair bound within 5 years, due to the damage the weight was causing in my legs and feet. Never knowing how good it would feel to lose weight.

In September 2012 I decided to try California Weight Management. I was impressed with the ease of the program, the rapid results, being monitored weekly and not being hungry. At this time I have lost 123 lbs. That in itself is life changing. I have gone down several sizes. I am able to face and acknowledge the fact that I do not want to be obese. I am able to enjoy life in a way I have never experienced. My whole attitude has changed, from just accepting who I am, to knowing who I can and will be. My self-confidence has soared, NOTHING TASTE AS GOOD AS SKINNY FEELS. For me the rapid results are extremely important, as I am now able to walk without pain, not only can I walk but I can RUN!

I am very thankful to California Weight Management, Dr. Craig Barker and Rita, for a life changing opportunity, the caring, understanding, and support that they have shown to me. Thank you.

nicholas-before-1 nicholas-after-1 nicholas-after-2

Nicholas Lee before ... and now.


Thank you, Nicholas!


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