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Monday, 09 March 2015 14:43

Sylvia Sambucini Testimonial

Written by  Sylvia Sambucini
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Dr. Stephen Cohen, who would like to see San Antonio get Healthy, added California Medical Weight Management to his practice.

He is not just my employer but I see him as so much more my mentor with a heart of gold. He is a true patient advocate and wants to help San Antonio get Healthy! I began this program with my doubts thinking here goes another diet program. I've tried many programs with no success and dealt with a roller coaster weight problem. I was 180 lbs and a size 14/16 with uncontrolled Type 1 Diabetes's and Hypertension. When I became educated with the CMWM program for our patients I carried it to my family. This life style change was so simple to teach our patients and follow it myself. I receive compliments for my weight loss but it's still hard to grasp. For me not *viewing *myself as overweight will take some time to actually believe. I'm working on telling myself I don't need too camouflage my weight by wearing lose clothing. Yes, my confidence and energy level has improved plus I've added exercise to my daily routine. I'm happy to share I've reached my weight goal of 125 lbs and now a size 5! This is all so unreal to me and I never would have imagined a healthy life style could be this easy. My biggest accomplishment is not the weight I've lost but saying! I'm Diabetic FREE!! I've been able to stop a cycle of my diabetes that is in my family history.

Sylvia Sambucini
San Antonio California Medical Weight Management

sylvia s lost 41 lbs

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