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Monday, 27 January 2014 12:53

Super Bowl Sunday

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Well the Super Bowl is right around the corner. Based on some initial thoughts about planning ahead from Monday what are your plans to stay on track with your food this weekend?

Did you know that according to the California Avocado commission the public consumes at least 15,000 bags of chips and 12 million pounds of avocados for the dip, for this football event alone? Now consider some calorie facts:

  • 15 normal chips usually equal to 80 calories. 2 level tablespoons of just plain mashed avocado (without any added mayo to it)  account for another 50 calories. That’s about 375 calories for that small snack alone!
  • Now, add in a few beers, that’s another 300 calories.
  • What about the pizza, (they run 300-600 calories a slice) nuts, a small handful (another 100 calories at least) high fat chili, (another 300 calories) and anything else that might be sitting around during the game?

So what’s a dieter to do with all that temptation? I always suggest bring some of your own healthier snacks (check your clinic for some great recipes) and stay away from the table loaded with special snacks. Put your focus on the people and the game. Always remember exactly why it’s so important for you to lose your weight in the first place.  Those foods will always be available anytime you really want any of them after you have lost your weight. And of course don’t forget to take your appetite suppressant. All that being said, what’s your personal game plan to stay on track if you are dieting? Or, at the very least if you feel too deprived when everyone is munching away, don’t use the occasion as an excuse to be excessive. Practice moderation.

“Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” - Charlie Batch

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