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Monday, 09 January 2017 09:55

The Year for a NEW YOU!

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New year, new you - This bold statement holds such promise in a brand new year ahead. But how do you live up to any challenging resolution, like weight loss, which encompasses soooooo many multifaceted changes? Here's what you need for success:

Believe in yourself. Although this is a statement that has been repeated endlessly, it has been proven. A person is driven more by what he actually believes about himself than his actual ability. Even Gandhi said, "…people become the people they expect themselves to be." Do you know your mind literally determines your future? So master your mind rather than letting your mind master you. 
Plan ahead. This simple statement holds the key to success. Most health authorities and diet gurus hold to the premise that simple planning works in most situations. Any goal carries a potential "hiccup" along the way. Pinpoint these potential pitfalls and have some solid action plans in place so when they occur, (and they will) so you are prepared for it. Take this a step further. If you have failed at weight loss numerous times you need to figure out the reasons why you failed, otherwise you will keep making the same mistakes and fail again, consequently undermining that belief in yourself. Review what worked and what didn't. 
Make your goals specific, realistic, and achievable. Get clear on your goals. How much do you want to lose? Have you totally embraced the CMWM program? Has someone checked your plan to make sure you are doing it correctly? How do you overcome obstacles? How long should it take you to lose your weight, allowing for a few setbacks?
Set reasonable but challenging goals. If you set your goals too high, it's likely that you will fail. Without some success it works against you. It has the real potential to make you feel frustrated and ready to give up. So break up your goal into smaller mini-goals if you need to. Set achievable timeframes to accomplish them. Review them every month or so to check your progress. Acknowledge them and build on your successes regardless of how small. Remember the core behavioral habits you learn now have to continue in maintenance for long-term success. And, don't forget to reward yourself along the way!
Gain support. There are numerous people who really do want to see you achieve your weight loss goal, despite what it seems like in the social arena. Actively seek support with those you have only a genuine relationship with. (Do not allow embarrassment to get in your way. Weight loss is tough work.) Choose people who have seen you fail in the past and who really know how important your success is. Spouses can be helpful but only if they know your authentic feelings around being overweight. In other words telling a person you are on diet is not enough. Tell that person how you honestly feel about being overweight: "I have no confidence, I can’t tie my shoes comfortably, I get winded walking the stairs," etc. Know we are always here at CMWM for you no matter what!
Make your goal a top five priority in your life. Put your needs first. This doesn’t mean to be selfish. It means to literally take care of you. If you are so busy either providing for or taking care of a family, or even being a workaholic, you may be neglecting your basic needs. If you are significantly overweight you are setting yourself up to jeopardize your health. To put weight loss needs into perspective, it's similar to the infamous example of flying in a plane with a child and the oxygen masks come down during a flight problem. You do not unthinkingly give the oxygen mask to the child first. A child can't survive without you if something drastic happens, so you need to take care of yourself first, so you are able to take care of him. With weight loss the same thing holds true. You want to be healthy (both physically and emotionally) for those around so you can take care of them in the way you need and want to.
Allow for setbacks. This may be hard to hear but it usually takes longer to lose the weight than you might think, so just allow for it and accept it rather than being frustrated and overwhelmed by it. In that time you can focus on changing the unhealthy behaviors that contributed to your weight gain. Learn new skills that promote a more satisfying life.
Pledge your commitment to the world. Don’t keep your goal a secret, it's too easy to hide a failure. When the world has its eye on you are bound to be successful. Other people have the power to reinforce the commitment. It's harder to abandon a dream when you know others are watching. After all, why was the Biggest Loser so popular in its day? It has a lot to do with accountability. Keep your commitment to CMWM and maybe set up a public blog or announce it on Face book outlining your progress. Tell your friends and family so they can cheer you on! This means you are making this an honest commitment  and not feebly "trying" to lose weight.
Always remember the real reason why you want to lose weight. This is motivation and what you will need to get you through in the hard times. What was the core reason which drove you to take the first step initially in weight loss? Were you congratulated for being pregnant when you weren't? Did your doctor tell you to lose some weight or you would become a diabetic? Have you lost confidence in yourself because of your weight? Did you see yourself in some recent photos? Whatever your reason, elicit the feeling and emotion behind it, and call on it deep inside when it’s needed.

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