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Wednesday, 03 September 2014 12:53

Trim the Fat - Pick Lean Meat Choices

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Most dieters know that they need to trim the fat off existing sources of protein. You trim all the fat you can see surrounding any meat choice.

Remember though just because you are trimming any visible fat, more fat is hidden within the muscle part of the meat itself. Pick meat that is less marbled with fat, the kind of fat that not even the finest surgeon could trim. It is interlaced within the muscle so you cannot possibly cut it out.

You may have to ask the butcher which category of meat a particular cut is. (Just don’t depend on him to be precise when he says it’s lean. His idea is entirely different from a qualified nutritionist!)

Here are some fat-trimming words to look for in reading labels on cuts of meat:

  • Select is the leanest cut of meat, containing around 7 percent fat by weight. This is the best choice to pick.
  • Choice contains 15 to 35 percent fat by weight. This is a very borderline choice for those on the CMWM although it could be consumed once or twice a week if generally the very lean protein choices are the norm.
  • Prime is the fattest grade of fat, containing 35 to 45 percent fat by weight so it’s not a viable choice for weight loss on the CMWM program. The only prime cut that is allowable is filet mignon. It’s allowed a bit in Step 3.
  • Fat content will frequently vary with different cuts of meat, as well as with the grade. Here are the leaner cuts of meat. Most of these below are from the Select grade. Whenever possible of course, choose the leanest cuts of protein to get the best weight loss results. Note too in most restaurants many cuts of meat despite their grade, will probably still have a significant higher level of fat.
    • top round
    • flank
    • eye of round
    • round tip
    • bottom round
    • shank
    • sirloin
    • lean chuck
    • top loin
    • t-bone
    • tenderloin
    • porterhouse
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