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Thursday, 27 September 2018 12:17

World Smile Day - 2018

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World Smile Day honored the name and memory of Harvey Ball the artist who originally created the infectious smiley face way back in 1963! The idea is to "do an act of kindness. Help just one person smile."
Did you know that the first Friday of October is World Smile Day? (This year it's on October 5th.) Anyone, anywhere, can benefit in some way from a kind smile. This doesn't have to be on just one day of the year either. We all need smiles on a regular basis. And why do we need these smiles then? According to recent research findings:
• Smiling just makes you naturally more attractive. It draws people to you in a positive way.
• The very act of smiling can help you reduce stress! Who doesn't need a little help with that?
• Smiling simply puts you in a better mood. (When you are in a better mood you are more than likely to follow your health plan better, whether it be just sticking to your diet or exercising regularly.)
• Smiling is contagious. Just smile and make someone else happy too!
• Smiling can lower your blood pressure.
• Smiling can make you look younger.
Lastly, Studies have also shown that people who smile regularly appear more confident, have better self-esteem and are more likely to be promoted.
"Smiling is good for the heart, laughing is good for the soul and loving will keep living, laughing and smiling." – Paul Chucks
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