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Often times in a yoga practice the first parts of your body to tire quickly are your arms and shoulders. Holding your own body weight is highly dependent on your upper've got to hold up your head and torso, and that can be quite challenging if you're not used to it. Your yoga practice will improve dramatically once you build up your upper body strength--core included! Here are three helpful poses for strengthening your arms and shoulders--be sure to keep a steady practice so you can start feeling the difference!

Published in Yoga
Wednesday, 07 August 2013 13:36

What Are The Bandhas?

Have you ever heard the word "bandha" mentioned in a yoga class? In sanskrit, bandha means to lock, tighten, or hold. Energetically, these "locks" or areas of tightening help the body to direct the flow of prana (flow of energy into the body) and apana (flow of energy out of the body). Physically, the locking of the bandhas helps keep proper alignment and protection of the spine during meditation and yoga. When you can master these locks on both the outside (postures) and inside (concentration, breath, clear mind), you can regulate and control all your hormonal, metabolic, digestive, and sexual systems. Let's explore the bandhas.

Published in Yoga
Monday, 22 July 2013 12:24

It's All About The Yoga Mat

So you're wanting to continue your yoga practice and realize that you're tired of borrowing smelly mats that have been used over and over. Chances are, this is a good realization. Buying a mat is like buying a car, some could say. There are many brands, materials, and forms of yoga mats and it's often difficult to know where to start. For clarity sake, I have broken it down to my top 5, catering to all levels of yogi's.

Published in Yoga
Sunday, 07 July 2013 14:43

Understanding The Chakra System

Have you ever heard of the word "chakra" in a yoga class before? If so, here's a guide to understanding what they mean and how they work.

Published in Yoga
Friday, 12 April 2013 11:20

The Yogic Mindset

The Yogic Mindset

"Sometimes you have to die a little inside
in order to be reborn and rise again
as a stronger and wiser version of you." ~ Unknown

Yes it's true. You have to be willing to die--AKA let things go that aren't serving you any longer. It's important to become aware of the patterns of behavior that keep us locked down. Perhaps we keep hurting ourselves over and over to a point where we just let it happen without thinking. By doing this, we get stuck. We keep the flow of life locked out of our little prison cell. We get stuck because it's all we know--it's something we have grown comfortable with. And change is certainly scary because it invites the unknown into our lives. We have learned the NEED to feel secure at all times in order to be happy. But what if we changed that belief or perception?

Published in Yoga
Tuesday, 19 March 2013 11:43

Post Yoga Nourishment

During a yoga class, we work on removing stagnation in muscles by stretching, and detoxifying our organs by sweating. Post yoga, people generally feel calm in the mind and relaxed in the body. In order sustain and enhance this quality of health, it is important to nourish the body with essential nutrients. The most refreshing thing to give your body after your practice is raw and organic vegetable juice Why raw? Raw vegetables have active enzymes and fiber that help the digestive system function optimally. Also by eating raw (no heat applied), richer quantities of vitamins and nutrients are preserved and can be easily absorbed by the body. Why organic? Organic vegetables (especially when eaten raw) have less pesticide and chemical residue than conventionally grown produce.

Published in Yoga
Tuesday, 19 February 2013 22:51

Yoga Myths

If you are new to yoga or thinking about trying your first class, it is common to encounter a bit of unease and apprehension. Many people who are wanting to try yoga seem to believe in these so-called yoga myths. Do these sound familiar?:

  • I have to be flexible
  • I have to be skinny
  • I have to already be good at yoga
  • I have to be young
  • I have to strong
  • I have to be perfect
  • I have to be competitive

Let's try to undo these silly assumptions, shall we?

Published in Yoga
Thursday, 14 February 2013 11:37

How Do I Meditate?

It is widely stereotyped that in order to successfully meditate, one must clear out all thoughts in the mind until left with a blank slate. If you have attempted to do this, you probably came to the realization that it is impossible. It is estimated that we have over 70,000 thoughts a day! Now imagine trying to stop all of them from coming into your mind space. Not sure about you, but it leaves me feeling a bit stressed out. And that's the exact opposite of what meditation should feel like. There are endless ways to meditate and every person will find what works for them. But if you are just beginning, and would like to learn how to start, read on!

Published in Yoga
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