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Yoga blog by CalMWM Yoga Instructor Amy Rogg (Stanford University, Wholsify). For our patients.

Saturday, 29 December 2012 02:25

Yoga And Meditation ... What's The Point?

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Yoga and Meditation...what's the point?

Modern society is fast paced. We live in a world where technology and media constantly bombard our mind space. Our lives are full of expectation, demand, and an overall sense of needing to succeed, achieve and consume. The typical 9-5 schedule is in full effect and work seems to be the most important thing on the mind, regardless if the job is enjoyed or not. A lot of people find themselves stuck in a routine, perhaps a routine that includes a great deal of stress on the mind and body. We all know what stress feels like. It manifests in numerous ways from headaches and anxiety to IBS and insomnia. There is a feeling of stagnation in which we experience heaviness and gloom. We become detached from ourselves and that can be a scary feeling. In an effort to escape, people turn to addictive substances or medications, which only has a temporary effect while the root of the problem continues to exist.

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