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Nutrition, diet and health blogs by CalMWM Head Nutritionist Elaine Murphy (BA, CNS). For our patients.

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Healthy recipes and cooking advice by CalMWM Executive Chef (Shadow Chef) Jeff Huff. For our patients.

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Yoga blog by CalMWM Yoga Instructor Amy Rogg (Stanford University, Wholsify). For our patients.

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In a recent blog (11 Tips to Breaking Bad Eating Habits) we discussed the weight loss advantages of drinking water before a meal.

Friday, 14 August 2015 12:51

Willpower: It's All About the Brain!

Written by

If only we had more willpower right? We all want that illusive willpower. We blame our failures on dieting because of a lack of it. But willpower isn't actually what you might think. And lack of it isn't totally your fault. And I bet you are relieved to hear that right?

Monday, 03 August 2015 12:27

All Calories are NOT Created Equal!

Written by

Everyone has heard that to lose weight it all amounts to “Calories in, calories out.” This means quite simply according to the physics law of thermodynamics that to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. This certainly has its place in weight loss, you really do have to eat less volume of food to lose weight, but this notion has been highly debated and  needs some elaboration. The quality of the food you eat also matters - a lot. The quality of calories you eat can impact weight management efforts.

Monday, 27 July 2015 13:02

No Effort Exercise

Written by

So you know you really should exercise but… but the couch just beckons you to stay right where you are.  Sometimes though it’s just OK  to  take things  slowly, and feel good about what you can  do in your sluggish state, no matter how little exertion you may take.

July is UV Safety Month and here are some safety tips to safeguard your skin. Take care of yourself and your family and encourage friends to adopt good wearing protective clothing. But there’s still more you can do. Become familiar with the newer laws that have come into effect regarding the claims manufacturers can make on a sunscreen. And, avoid the toxic forms of sunscreen which you may not even be aware of!

Tuesday, 07 July 2015 22:44

Diet or Exercise Revisited

Written by

There seems to be a never-ending controversy over which is better for weight loss, dieting or exercise? Some of the confusion comes from a lack of understanding about what diet and exercise do for our bodies.

Monday, 06 July 2015 12:26

Oprah and Dr. Oz Part Ways

Written by

In the latest twist to the ongoing Dr. Oz controversy, Oprah Winfrey has "pulled the plug" on Dr. Oz's radio show. Winfrey's Harpo Productions announced that "The Daily Dose With Dr. Oz" will be replaced with "A Better Life With Dr. Sanjay Gupta."

Monday, 29 June 2015 13:19

Personal Power and Freedom

Written by

Even though we have freedom as a nation, do we all have real personal freedom? All men and women are created equal. Unfortunately we all do not live equal lives due to our differences in will, motivation, effort and habit. As an individual are you stuck trying to break unhealthy habits or negative thinking patterns that keep you tethered to actions that are unsatisfying ? Now is the time for you to set yourself free once and for all.  When you seek true understanding and compassion for yourself,  you can release these patterns that cause you to feel so stuck in life.

Everyone wants a fast metabolism. Why? Metabolism accounts for the energy (calories) that we burn during the day, regardless of how we do it. We want to burn more calories to lose weight so what's the best way to do this? Almost everyone will say through exercise. But what kind of exercise will burn the most calories?

Monday, 22 June 2015 11:48

What’s Wrong with Farm Raised Salmon?

Written by

We’ve all heard the news that we need to have omega-3’s in our diet for all its numerous health benefits. Salmon is one of the highest ranking source of it. Hopefully you are not purchasing the farm raised versions of salmon though, as it may do more harm than good.

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