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Updating Your Community Profile

You can update your Community Profile by adding your personal information to your profile. You control how much information is visible to other community members. To update your profile, select the Profile >> Edit Community Profile menu item in the Community menu.


By default, your Profle contains only your name and email address. Your personal information is hidden from the Community.


Sharing/Hiding Your Profile Information

When you update your Profile page, some fields (the ones with asterisks) are required. You cannot complete the Profile unless you fill in all required fields. However, most fields are still hidden from the Community. Only your clinic name is required and displayed by default to the Community.

You can choose to show or hide any of your profile information (including your clinic name) by clicking on the small lock icon to the right of the profile fields. You can set the following permissions to determine who can see your personal information:

  • Public
  • Site Members
  • Friends
  • Only Me

Since our Community is not open to the public, "Public" and "Site Members" give the same results. Setting a Profile field visibility to "Friends" means only patients you've friended on the site can see that field. Setting a field to "Only Me" hides that field from the Community, but you still see it on your own page.



How To Change User Name/Password

You can change your user name, password and other system details from the Edit User page.

Choose Edit User Profile from the Community toolbar >> My Profile menu drop-down. (The Community toolbar is the green toolbar you see when viewing the Community.)

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You can also change your user details by clicking on My Account at the top of any page, then clicking the Edit My Profile link at the bottom of the page.


Turn Off Emails And Notifications

To change your email and notification settings:

  • Click on Edit My Page in the Profile menu, then click on Preferences.
  • On the Preferences page, click on Email and Notifications in the left menu.
  • Check boxes to receive notice on events. Uncheck boxes to turn off email.

My Profile Page

Your User Profile Page

You can view your own profile page by clicking on My Profile in the Community toolbar menu. A screenshot of a typical profile page is shown below. Here's a quick reference what you'll find.

  1. At the upper left of your profile page you'll find your profile photo, also known as an "avatar." You can change your profile photo by hovering your mouse over the default avatar and clicking on "Change Avatar."
  2. At the upper right corner of your profile page is your About Me, or user bio details. Click the small pencil icon to update your user details. (Once on the Edit Profile page, you can hide any information from the public by clicking the little pencil icon next to each profile field.) Click the Save button when done editing your profile.
  3. Below the profile field, in the Friends box, you will see the icons of all your community friends. Before you can send private messages to another community member, you must send them a friend request and they must accept your request. Then you are both friends. The exception to this rule is the administrator account. Each new community member is automatically friended with the site admin. You can send the admin personal messages without sending a friend request first.
  4. The Groups box shows all the groups in which you are currently a member. Some community groups, like the Diet, Nutrition and Yoga groups, are open to all community members. To join a group, visit that group's page and click the "Join Group" link. Each clinic also has its own private group. To join your clinic's private group, visit that group's page and send a request to join the group.
  5. In the main area of your profile page, the Activity Stream shows your latest activity. Use this wall to post your own personal updates. You can also share photos and videos on your activity stream.
  6. At the bottom of your profile page you will find the Personal Goals Manager, a set of tools to help you track goals, milestones and habits. The Personal Goals Manager also has a nice charting feature to give you visual feedback on your progress. For more information on using the goal manager, read that FAQ.


Goals Manager Quick Start

Complete documentation for Personal Goals Manager is available online at:

Personal Goals Manager Quick Start Guide

Your Personal Goals Manager is located at the bottom of your Community Profile page. To find it, click on My Profile in the Community menu and scroll to the bottom of the page.

personal goals manager

(A note about privacy: By default your goals are visible to other community members. To change who can see your goals, go to Profile >> Edit My Page and click the gold lock icon next to Goals.)


A goal is a desired result. For example, your goal may be to lose 20 lbs in four weeks.

To create a new goal, click on the Goal (Create new Goal) link at the bottom of your profile.

Lose 20 lbs
Lose 20 lbs in 4 weeks
Weight Loss
Due date
Select a date you want to complete your goal (e.g., in 1 month)
Start value
Your current or starting weight
Desired value
Your desired weight (subtract 20 lbs from your current weight)

Then click the Save button. You can optionally add an image to your goal.


A milestone is an intermediate step to achieve your goal. For example, if your goal is to lose 20 lbs in four weeks, then a milestone could be to lose five pounds in the first week.

To create a new milestone, click on the Milestone (Create new Milestone) link at the bottom of your profile.

Lose 5 lbs
Lose 5 lbs in first week
Lose 20 lbs
Enter the due date (e.g., in one week)
Not complete

When you complete the milestone, set the status to Complete.


Records are used to track your progress. Create a new record each time you lose one pound. Personal Goals Manager displays the information in a chart.

To create a new record, click on the Record (Create new Record) link at the bottom of your profile.

Lost 1 lb
Lost 1 lb
Today's date
Your current weight
Lose 20 lbs

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