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  • debra-b Welcome Wagon
    8 years ago

    I am having such a difficult time losing the weight. I read posts where people have lost 30 pounds in 30 days. It has taken me 4 months! I cannot take the stimulants because of the side effects of palpitations and such. I work out, I maintain my calories at net of 800, depending on how hard I work out and calorie burn, but still not moving fast. At a loss right now. Thinking of ketosis again.

    Elaine Hi Debra,,
    It really sounds like you may not be eating enough. This happens a lot with women. Please contact me privately and I can help you OK? First just accurately count your calories, make sure you have the full 600 calories of protein and the other added food items counted correctly. You also may need additional calories if you are exercising too much. PLEASE email me at and I will help you here. Do not do ketosis again. -Elaine Murphy, nutritionist for CMWM
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