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How To Overcome Fitness Obstacles


A two-pronged approach can help you to overcome the obstacle of (seemingly) too little time to exercise.

Re-think your approach to exercise. Instead of thinking that you need to set aside 30 minutes or an hour, remind yourself that 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there add up to the same result. The CDC recommends at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week for adults—that’s three sets of 10 minutes, 5 days per week. That could be a brisk walk around the block, some standing exercises in your living room or simple weight lifting using full cans of soup, a quick burst of energetic housework, wild dancing to your favorite music.

Organize your time. Buy a planner or create a large wall calendar out of poster board and plan out your week. Include exercise time in the plan. You might be surprised how much time you actually have once its organized.


A gym membership or lots of expensive equipment isn’t a necessary component of an exercise routine. Free or low-cost opportunities for physical activity abound, including walking, hiking, jogging, bicycling (if you own a bike or can borrow one), gym-style exercises in the home using full soup cans or water bottles as weights, dancing, gardening, housework, mowing the lawn … you get the idea. Make your own list. The key is to move.


If you find yourself getting bored with your exercise routine, change it. Either introduce a new activity or change it completely. If you’ve been working out with weights twice a week and walking three days a week, replace one or two of those with a class (e.g., yoga, aerobics, kickboxing, spinning) or a bike ride or a hike. You could join a community sports team—softball, indoor soccer—or take up roller derby or ballroom dancing. Make a list of activities that appeal to you and see how many of them you can do in a month.

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