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Benefits Of Stretching

Regular stretching is a necessary and powerful part of any exercise program. Read more to learn about the major benefits of stretching.

Increased Flexibility

Tight muscles pull and strain more easily. Stretching elongates muscle fibers, which reduces stiffness and enhances your ability to perform everyday tasks such as lifting something overhead, bending to pick up something off the ground, reaching for something in the back seat of your car, or hurrying to catch a bus.

Improved Range of Motion

Longer, looser muscle fibers lead to greater range of motion, which in turn improves balance. The danger of falling and breaking a hip or other joint due to shaky balance increases greatly as one ages. Regular stretching can help keep you stable.

Improved Circulation

Tight, contracted muscle fibers inhibit blood flow. Regular stretching will improve circulation, which will in turn aid recovery from muscular injury. Blood is necessary for the healing of injured muscles.

Relieves Stress

One typical indicator and side-effect of stress is tense muscles, especially in the neck and shoulders. Regular, gentle stretching can release this tension, which in turn can release stress.

When you do stretch, be sure to warm up your muscles first with some gentle activity such as a 5-minute walk (warms up the lower body and increases overall circulation) while swinging your arms (loosens the muscles in the shoulder and upper back).

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